REVIEW: AUTOart 1:12 Pagani Huayra •

REVIEW: AUTOart 1:12 Pagani Huayra

The car needs no introduction but the brand and scale possibly do.  Today we present the 1:12 scale AUTOart Pagani Huayra in exterior colour Metallic Blue with Silver wheels.  The model is registered as a Signature piece under their composite and diecast metal series.   Price for the 1:12 Pagani Huayra will set you back about $529 CND.

If you haven’t yet experienced a 1:12 scale example in the flesh we suggest you do, well for at least one special model at least.  The pieces are grand and depending on how you display your collection it will definitely be the centre of attention.  So how did our friends at AUTOart do?

The Metallic Blue is a great choice in exterior colour, we don’t believe it was an available colour option in the initial assortment of AUTOart’s 1:18 version.  The paint on our example is executed perfectly, we found zero flaws.  Carbon fibre work is very good too, a nice blend on the weave and overall shine.

If you aren’t in the know the model differs slightly from its 1:18 scale counterpart.  The 1:12 only provides access to the interior, while the 1:18 scale goes a lot further with access to front storage and suspension and rear motor.  Both have full functioning flaps in front and rear.  As for value and best bang for the buck 1:18 is clearly the winner.

As for the overall exterior presentation we give AUTOart good marks here.  Shutlines/panel gaps are very good on the doors and the model does feature a number of metal grilles throughout instead of solid bits.  More on these later.

The front is dominated by a large area of open and metal mesh executed grilles.  The detail of each piece is nicely crafted, and depending on its final home there is added detail in behind.  Carbon fibre work is good on the lower chin spoiler and headlight ensemble.

Just above the bumper, the Huayra features two functional spoilers which aid in the aerodynamics and advanced braking.  Our example was flawless in operation.  As you move forward the intricate styling cues on the Huayra hood are evident.  The two side mirrors ship in a separate bag.  Installation here was a breeze!

The rear follows in line with the front in terms of overall detail and execution.  Again, we’re dealing with a sealed hatch, various components of the motor do come through the rear exposed openings.  What is visible is decently detailed.  Quad exhaust tips are metal in material and nicely executed fitment wise.  Taillights are quality items too, each feature three individual lamps.  Also, we can’t forget the functional rear flaps!  See additional photos below.

As you move upwards a second option to view the monster that breaths below are aided through the clear glass.  What proves to be the inner working and related motor bits are truly below average.  AUTOart should understand as you increase the scale the level and quality of this detail should be on par with the exterior, it isn’t and it truly a shame, especially that the rear is sealed shut.  What you see looks chunky and plastic like.

Wheel are finished in Silver with Blue calipers and Pagani script are in check.  The cross-drilled ceramic rotors are visible too.  Tires do not feature any script; in this scale, we would assume this is a must-have.  We guess AUTOart doesn’t agree.

Inside the cockpit the attention to detail is agreeable, AUTOart does make the vision of Pagani shine, well to a certain degree.  Read on.  Door operation was again flawless on our example and held their position at any angle we desired.

All areas are properly attended.  The use of colour, material and textures here are good.  But in 1:12 scale some areas do show their shortcoming on closer inspection, the interior leans too much to the plastic cost saving side and less on the OMG how did they do that side.

The AUTOart 1:12 Pagani Huayra is a mixed bag of goodies.  On one hand, the subject looks grand in this scale, the Metallic Blue exterior definitely provides that spark!  On the flip side, she offers no access to the front and rear.  And what is seen from the transparent access points is average at best.  The interior is good but it should be better.  It is a huge disappointment.  For these reasons we’re going not to recommend the 1:12 version, you’re better off buying the 1:18 with all of its opening bits and showing it off in its full grandeur. Enjoy the pics!

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10 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart 1:12 Pagani Huayra"

  1. Karsten says:

    Poop! What is the point of such a large scale if there is less access than on the smaller scale. 1/12 seems like an aberration like the 1/16 that once existed. Manufacturers ought to stick to 1/18.

  2. Vitaliy D says:

    The only thing I like here is the interior. I still can’t forgive the 1:18 AutoArt’s Huayra for its boring grey interior. Damn, Huayra’s interior deserves colours!
    Apart from the interior, we are having a 1:12 model without engine and suspension? Are you kidding me? It looks like a non-funny and stupid joke. And, as a final killing shot, its exterior is from plastic. AutoArt, wake up!

  3. George K says:

    Just a big toy. Will a Barbie fit in there?

    • DS Team says:

      LOL, it actually would. Perfect fit ;)

      • Yeow Yi Fan says:

        XD That pretty much sums it up!

        Really disappointing when manufacturers come up with a half-ass attempt. I do not collect 1:12 but cannot help but feel disappointed with the shortcomings.

      • Karsten says:

        I do not collect any other scale than 1/18 either. I don´t believe in having a wild mixture of scales, it always looks funny. The only other scale I have is a Pocher 1/8 Ferrari Testarossa ready-built demonstrator that was sold in its display case when Pocher gave up business (for a while, as we know now) in the 1990s. That´s how I know that 1/8 is Barbie doll scale, not 1/12. And slim, long-legs Barbie would even find it hard to fit behind its steering wheel. Just in case Barbie and Ken are reading this and are looking for a new car: Look elsewehere, e.g. 1/8 Amalgam Huayra ;-), better something 1/6 scale.

  4. alex says:

    Is the first time or the few times, that from the same manufacturer, the small version (1/18) is better, than the big version (1/12)

  5. Anthony says:

    The lack of openings sucks. A Huayra without transformer mode is practically no Huayra at all!

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