REVIEW: AUTOart Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Prototype •

REVIEW: AUTOart Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Prototype

If there was ever a time when one car could be considered the sexiest ever made, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale would be one of them.  Released by Afla Romeo in 1967 at the Sports Car Show at Monza, Italy, this rear mid-engine sports car is nothing short of spectacular! I’ll be honest with you, I don’t collect many classic cars.  I didn’t even know this masterpiece was even made until AUTOart introduced the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Prototype as a future release.  I’m definitely no authority on Alfa Romeo or the 33 Stradale for that matter, but examining photos I can say AUTOart did a pretty fine job.


alfaromeo_33stradale2 alfaromeo_33stradale3

Considered a Millennium Series by AUTOart, the model is packaged in the typical four window box with a plastic internal frame.  At first glance, my thoughts were geez this Alfa is small.  What can you say about the car that probably hasn’t been saying before, no matter what angle you look at it from it looks gorgeous.  AUTOart did a great job capturing the lines of the 33 Stradale.  The paint is fresh and smooth – no orange peel anywhere on the model.  Panel gaps are minimal and based on the complexity of the doors and curved glass, AUTOart did a terrific job.  Shutlines are excellent throughout – even after multiple executions of opening the various bits on the car.  The front end features the two-beam headlights and 3D emblem.  But the rear/ass on the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is to die for, just beautiful!



Wheels and tires aren’t too complex compared to other AUTOart releases.  Tire and rim size mimic the 1:1 nicely and both pieces are executed with quality.  Overall ride height seems to be in line with the original car as well.


alfaromeo_33stradale6 alfaromeo_33stradale24

This is a mid-engine sports car and let me tell you, AUTOart doesn’t disappoint with the details here!  The various elements that make up the engine and surrounding area are all here and captured in high detail.  Motor, suspension and exhaust system are top-notch.  The bonus is the details continued to the undercarriage where the model shows off the brilliant exhaust, oil lines, and various suspension components.  Just check out the metal protective cover for the eight-barrow intakes, wow!  The front compartment houses the spare and various suspension and braking components, again all highly detailed.  Well done AUTOart!



Interior is sparse for the most part, featuring a two-tone interior in beige and brown theme.  Now I’m not sure if this is a function of the 33 Stradale Prototype, but there may be some carpeting that was excluded.  Doors function without issue but based on the scale of hinge work I would consider them fragile.  Word of caution to new owners, read the instructions provided by AUTOart to prevent any damage.  One question, the seatbelt looks a little out of scale, is this correct to the period?


Get it!  That’s all I have to say.  The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is a showpiece, and one that will without doubt increase in value over the years.  The execution and detailing for the most part is without compromise.   The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale is considered a Millennium series model, but I can tell you it one-ups some of AUTOart’s Signature models.  Don’t hesitate as they won’t be available for long.  Enjoy the pics!

alfaromeo_33stradale7 alfaromeo_33stradale8 alfaromeo_33stradale9

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16 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Prototype"

  1. Wes Shakirov says:

    So achingly gorgeous. MUST HAVE

  2. Wes Shakirov says:

    Would look great next to a Miura

  3. brian foster says:

    Alfa Romeo had the actual car displayed at the Detroit Auto Show this past week, got a real good look at it, wow!

  4. Brian Foster says:

    After seeing the car in person at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, I had to add it to my collection.
    My only real disappointment with the model is, if you look close at the top of the engine cams where the spark plugs are, and count the spark plug wires, there should be 8 wires and plugs per side, they show 6, they modeled a twinn spark 6 cylinder, not an 8 cylinder – oooops!
    Other than that – love it

  5. Pratip says:

    Can you please tell me the dimension of this model?? Thanks

  6. Every once in a while you get to be the guy who got on board just as the ship leaves the dock……Thankfully , this time and a few other’s it’s been me !! The moment I saw this shapely beauty I knew there was no time to stop and consider. There were still several around ,ranging in price (before shipping) from around $175.00 to like $ 230-5 dollars price adjusted for the commensurate shipping numbers……….No waiting, I picked what would be best for me , winced and took the plunge !! Looking at the box in the pics I thought it was a lot of money for what looked like an Autoart that usually went for less bread , like an Espada or others packed in the same frame in windows boxes. This was my thought because I paid about $ 210 or fifteen for my Alfa……When it arrived just like in the D.S. review, I thought “Jeez” , this thing is TINY ! Then step by step I carefully removed the car and point by point began to examine what it had to offer. First , unfettered by the box just standing on its wheels alone I could not take my eyes from it ……Every angle held my eye, I’d look away and then look back and damned if it wasn’t just as pretty, if not prettier then last time I looked….Those amazing wrap around windows That pert little back side up in the air and dual twin straight pipes leaving your imagination to hear what might be the sounds they’d rip forth with.! I’m a particular nut about mechanical detail and the crunchy tooling throughout the engine bay has edges sharp enough to cut fingers There are many more things to laud , the plain but well colored and patterned interior and dash , the hinging, opening front storage and spare tire ……..Yeah, it’s all there , and its top drawer , and still gorgeous every time I look…….and finally , If you can find one on ebay , they generally price out at around $ 100.00 higher than the price I paid !! I’m really so glad that this one time I followed my instincts, and this little jewel now proudly sits on my shelf. Thanks for this review ,and all the others you do, and the perennially outstanding pictures that are included with most everything you folks do.

  7. This is a little note I’m adding on is directed as a response to the comments about the cylinder count that were disturbing to Brian Foster. It seemed to me that a model that Autoart had spent so much effort on would have some logical reason for changing the 8 cylinder mill to one with only 6 cyl……….First I researched to confirm that 8 was the magic number, and it was ! Then armed with my trusty Tac Light and magnifying glass I did a close examination of the engine bay in my Stradale. What I discovered was there were in fact 4 sets of plug wires on each side not the 3 that would have rightfully disturbed Brian. Further confirmation of my discovery was made plain by looking thru the screen box covering the carburetor bank . The Alfa showed 4 lines of 4 stacks atop the carbs . A configuration that would best serve an 8 cyl, and to my knowlege wouldn’t be a good fit with a V6 !! Brian I hope that lets you feel comfortable in the purchase of this model if you want one ………… Regards

  8. Tejas says:

    How much should this model be worth in this day?

  9. Adam Williamson says:

    These seem to be going for north of £550 these days!

  10. Vince says:

    How many models did AUTOart released of this 33?

  11. Tariq says:

    What a beautiful car, do you know how many autoart models were produced?

  12. Dimitris A says:

    I found last month one for sale from a Chinese or Japanese collector requesting USD $ 2.000 plus shipping .
    Extreme price indeed .

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