REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette C7 Z06 •

REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette C7 Z06

I’ve been a fan of the Chevrolet Corvette for as long as I can remember.  Memories of riding in my cousin’s ’79 C3 Stingray as a young lad are still as vivid as they were on that day.  When AUTOart announced the 1:18 Corvette C7 Z06, you knew I’d be excited, there would be no doubt the model would be added to my collection.  My current Corvette collection stands at fourteen, twelve of which hold the AUTOart name.  You can read some of the many reviews by clicking on the link above!


The latest Corvette C7 Z06 is from AUTOart’s Composite Series.  What does this mean? Good old diecast has been replaced with composite material. In layman terms, it’s plastic.  I decided to go with the Torch Red exterior, as I already have the C6 Z06 in Yellow, a brilliant replica from AUTOart by the way.  So let’s review this highly anticipated piece from AUTOart.



The exterior lines of the AUTOart Corvette C7 Z06 are very good.  Their attention to detail appears to capture the essence of the 1:1 very well.  The Torch Red paint is very good, much better than past composite models that have come my way.  Shut-lines and panel gaps are excellent, one of the perks of composite material.


Moving to the front of the Corvette C7 Z06 we find a perforated lower grille and the one found on the hood is open as well.  The lower chin spoiler is nicely executed and fins are correct at each end.  You’ll notice the Black wheel arches are present on the model; some early pieces (Asian market) left the factory with these pieces missing.  Headlight attention is good, but the fitment into the composite material is a little rough for a model of the calibre.


The first thing that strikes you about the rear is the quad exhaust tips.  Execution here is awesome; the chrome work is top notch, life-like!  Taillights are nicely executed too; the Black surrounds have the shiny finish, though the lower bumper/valance does not.  I’m not sure if this is an error on AUTOart’s side or an option for the C7 Z06.  Anyone confirm?  Another miss is the upper and lower grilles, which are all solid bits.  The same can be said for the upper roof line ones and the front fender, left and right side, too.


There was also some concern of the rear spoiler being wrong.  Based on images I studied that rear spoiler is available, though there were multiple other options I did come across too.


Some are complaining about the ride stance, not me.  I believe it’s perfect, probably little more generous that the OEM stance.  But when in doubt lower is always better!  Wheels and braking components are excellent, typical AUTOart.  Thank goodness they went forward with the Silver coloured wheels and left the Chrome and Black on the shelf.


The BIG miss on the model without a doubt is the motor.  Yes I understand that modern motors don’t leave much to the imagination, but AUTOart’s execution is poor, really poor.  Some are calling it a Maisto, and they aren’t far off.  The two layer system AUTOart incorporated in the design is definitely a cost cutting measure.  At this price point it is totally unacceptable!  How someone at Chevrolet signed off the scale motor design is shameful.  I’ve read today that AUTOart is considering a revised motor for future colours and variants alike.  So how does that leave us collectors who already put down their hard earned money on the Red and Yellow?

On the flip side the nicely engineered hinges are present and Chevrolet logo amid the backside of the hood is visible too.


The undercarriage is surprisingly detailed, not a big surprise for collectors who already own some of the previous Corvette replicas from AUTOart, they are some of the best in the business. I’ll let the photo do the talking here.


Rear storage is accessible.  There are two struts left and right holding the hatch in position and operation is flawless.  The interior side is fully carpeted too.



The cockpit is beautifully executed and the photos will highlight this.  Interior elements are present and all detailed with care. Fabric seat-belts are found here, along with full carpeting.   Well done AUTOart!

** UPDATE ** A member pointed out a quality control issue with the interior.  Note the Red coloured door card on the driver side and non painted for the passenger (images below).  I’ve sent a note to the Canadian AUTOart distributor.

** UPDATE #2 ** Well it seems the model may be as accurate as received. There are multiple interior options available for the C7 it seems. Though the Canadian AUTOart distributor is finding a definitive answer.


I have some mixed emotions for the AUTOart Corvette C7 Z06.  For the most part it is a very good effort.  The paint is better on this Corvette C7 Z06 than any composite pieces of the past (my opinion).  Not perfect but they are getting there.  One thing to note as well, the model is extremely light in hand, and seems somewhat fragile in nature.  Again this is due to the move to composite from diecast metal.  The huge miss is the motor, for me this is why I want models with accessible areas, so I can enjoy the internal and hidden detail that sealed models don’t afford us.  That being said, I still give her the thumbs up.  Enjoy the pics!

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c7z06corvette15 c7z06corvette17 c7z06corvette18

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23 Responses to "REVIEW: AUTOart Corvette C7 Z06"

  1. Robert says:

    Still better than a BBR that has no underhood detail, no opening doors, no underside details nor rolling or steering front wheels and more than twice the price. But the finish might be a little better…

  2. Lamborghini4Life says:

    Looks good but I am personally not a big fan of the Corvette :) But does anyone maybe know when Autoart will release some photo’s from there Lamborghini Aventador SV??! I can’t wait with buying that model and put in next to my other two Autoart Lamborghini’s the Aventador Roadster and Sesto Elemento :)

  3. the1 says:

    I have noticed that the right door trim does not feature any red colored elements, but the one on the left does. Is that normal and/or true to the real car?

    • DS Team says:

      LOL I did not notice that! Thank you. I will revise the review.

    • Robert says:

      You’re right, after looking at some interior pictures of the real Z06, the pad on the passenger’s side door should be red just like the one on the driver’s side, but only the pad, as the doors aren’t symetrical.

    • DS Team says:

      Well it seems the model may be as accurate as received. There are multiple interior options available for the C7 it seems. Though the Canadian AUTOart distributor is finding a definitive answer.

  4. robert drexler says:

    Always try to buy from stores with an excellent return policy. If you can’t return the red and yellow corvette your screwed.

    • Robert says:

      I buy online from a place in Toronto… They sell all kinds of motorsports items, including diecasts. This guy Derrick is a great person to deal with. I had to return models a couple times and it was a snap. Great prices and very good service.

  5. slartibartfast229 says:

    This is the first Corvette I would consider in scale since the C2 version, but it depends on the price. Any indication as yet?

  6. JS Coleman says:

    Definitely the best Corvette C7 model out there…but a far cry from the AUTOarts of last year. Finish and materials are, as Coles ads proclaim, “down, down, and staying down”.

  7. Robert says:

    Well guys, just got my Autoart C7 Z06s, the red and the yellow one. I agree with the article, there are some misses on these like the passenger’s arm rest being black instead of red and the flat black rear panel that should be a metallic gloss black. BUT it is also worth every penny as it looks spot on for the stance, shut lines as as thin as can be, the moving parts are straight and true and the detailing excluding the engine is very good, the wheels are beautiful and the brake calipers behind them jump at you. If you’ve been looking at these and wanting a Z06, don’t pass these up. By the way, the yellow Corvette has a all black interior, so no unpainted armrests on that one…

    • DS Team says:

      I’ve seen the Yellow first hand, solid too! As for the interior, it may not be an issue after all… Seems there are options to the interior for C7 Z06.

      • Robert Poudrette says:

        It appears that the red Z06 has an adrenalin red 2LZ interior trim with the competition seats. I have seen pictures of 2LZ interiors on the net that actually has a red driver’s armrest and a black passenger’s armrest. Sounds funny, but I guess it’s to have a cabin more geared towards the driver than the passenger? But Autoart is accurate by painting the passenger armrest black instead of red.

  8. Robert says:

    So if you’re really difficult, just leave it, some people seem to dislike these to the highest point. Honestly I don’t know why. Yes there is not much to talk about under the hood. But there is not much detail under the hood of the real car either. Too bad, I think they’re pretty darned good.

  9. Daniel says:

    So many omitted details!How can this be Autoart with this sort of price…
    Seriously,from overpriced signature models like the Quattroporte to those hideous composite models like the S600 Maybach and so on,simply total nonsense…

    Where is the delicacy,excitement and accuracy?I still keep my first ever Autoart model which is an Skyline R34 V spec,a product which was released ten years ago and it still looks fantastic by modern standards! From the plastic Maybach to the terribly missed detailed 918,it is painful to say,but I’m done with Autoart,unless they can return back to their beloved,solid diecast territory.

    • Robert Poudrette says:

      Honestly, I don’t know if you had these Corvettes in hand, but they are good, moldings are top notch, rims are spot on, no distortions in the body or “glass” anywhere, nice door hood and hatch hinges, door glass is even thinner than I’ve seen on other high-end models, paint is darned near perfect, the headlight and taillight lenses have no visible locating tabs.the fender Z06 supercharged logos are actually legible, even the front flag logo has a 3D effect, I haven’t compared the tire threads with the real Michelins but they look convincing enough.Now, I haven’t seen the other “plastic” models you ‘re talking about, but in this case, the delicacy and accuracy are still there. The excitement? Autoart is the only game in town for a nice C7 Z06! (Closed resin models for more than twice the price? Please…) The only thing that is ever so slightly missing is under the hood, but if you compare the real one to the model, there’s not much more to show. Get one in your hands and see for yourself.

  10. Viince says:

    Are there any Corvettes in the AA range that are diecast models and not composite?

  11. DS Team says:

    Yes, many, they are the early Vettes. Up to C6 platform

  12. Kalani Norton says:

    Are these models for sale?

    Thank you,


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