REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Honda Urban EV Concept •

REVIEW: DNA Collectibles Honda Urban EV Concept

The next model we have under the microscope is the latest 1:18 release from DNA Collectibles, their version of the Honda Urban EV Concept.  It was first shown to the general public back in September 2017 at the International Motor Show Germany.  If you haven’t already guessed the Honda Urban EV Concept exterior design is an homage to the first generation Honda Civic.  This short range commuter has some unique features which include the front and rear lighting set behind glass, camera instead on typical side mirrors, and full 180 views inside that stretch from the driver door to the passenger door.

Out of the package, the model is surprising much bigger than one would think; the footprint is 8.5″ x 4″.  Exterior paint is completed in Matt White finish.  Our example was flawless from all angles.  The exterior might seem a little boring but in reality, the exterior lighting does provide that little splash of colour in all the right places.  Overall body lines are captured extremely well.  The team even provided the plug element design that stretches from the front and completes in journey just behind the top section of the rear glass.  Nice attention to detail.

The exterior continues with its no-nonsense approach with small cameras/door handles embedded where the typical side view mirrors should rest.  As for accuracy, in our opinion, this is the best overall execution we’ve seen from DNA Collectibles to date.  Well done!  Just below the cameras is a back bar with “Honda Design” script with Blue accent.

The front takes a minimal approach.  Tucked behind glass are headlights, emblem and Honda Urban EV Concept script (part of the “Honda Automated Network Assistant”).  The craftsmanship is sharp and on point.  The hood provides a tinted glass opening.  We assume this is for access? Or viewing of internal bits, though we’re not 100% sure what the true function is.  Anyone?

The rear is a mirror image of the front.  Again all elements are executed extremely well and represent the vision of the 1:1.

Wheels are massive on the little commuter, possibly 21-22″.  DNA Collectibles does a great at replicating the multi-spoke design – 45 in total if we counted right!  Not much else is present in the view, as for braking components this is left to the imagination.   We provided an undercarriage photo too.  Pretty basic, but alas we dealing with a concept car!

The interior is also another well-executed element of the model.  Seven panels of glass are perfectly executed with fit and finish.  Inside the model does receive full Black carpeting throughout, and fabric seatbelts front and rear.  Doors cards feature screens and metal finished panel just behind.  The dash area is brilliant too.  The glass element within the steering wheel is found as well as nicely appointed large screen and wood elements on the dash.  If we had one complaint, and it is a small one, the primary seat in the original has a more textured look, which is slightly off here.  Though we will add the rear of the seat does incorporate the wood element too.

We all know no model is near perfect, but this example of the Honda Urban EV Concept is damn close!  DNA Collectables is once again providing a truly accurate example in scale.  Their vision of unique and different subjects is truly refreshing for the hobby on a whole.  If you’re a concept fan this one is a must!  We’ve added this one to our personal collection too.  Head over to DNA Collectibles as they have more samples of this theme available, in both 1:18 and 1:43 scale.  Enjoy the pics!

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  1. insightman says:

    Honda UK just put up a website for their Urban EV Concept. If you scroll down, you can see that the panel on the hood (or “bonnet” if you’re in the UK), is where the charging cable plugs in.

    I purchased this fine scale model of the Urban EV Concept from DNA Collectibles–it is every bit as good as you report.

    Sadly, the photos of the test mule that are now appearing on the ‘net show that the production car will lose many of the beautiful touches designer Yuki Terai created for the Concept–especially the elegant C-pillar.

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