REVIEW: Laudoracing-Models Alfa Romeo 33 Coupe Stradale •

REVIEW: Laudoracing-Models Alfa Romeo 33 Coupe Stradale

Alfa Romeo has a big portfolio filled with beautiful cars – ones that steal our hearts. Just recently they have shown their newest goddess, the 2025 Alfa 33 Stradale – an absolute work of art! For those who have not heard, this car is a blend of modern and true original Alfa Romeo designs from 1967. Collectors who missed out on the Autoart version which commands big money today, I have some good news for you. Resin model manufacturer Laudoracing Models is giving us another alternative to enjoy this beautiful design in our collections. Yes, this one is sealed, but better sealed than nothing at all. And to make things even more exciting, they are making 4 different limited production versions: 1967 Museum (LM153A) in red, 1967 Prototype B (LM153B) in red, 1967 C Version (LM153C) in red, and 1967 Telaio 111(LM153D) D Version in blue. Today I will be reviewing the red 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Coupe Stradale Museum version which is limited to only 999 pieces.

Laudoracing-Models produces very interesting niche models in limited numbers, all crafted in resin with a closed body shell. Since I will most likely never have a chance to see a real car in person, this scale model was a no-brainer to get a chance to appreciate its design up close.

As always, I do appreciate Laudoracing’s external packaging effort which is filled with pictures of the model inside. It also includes a little synopsis of the real cars’ technical data. It’s nice to get some information about the real car, so why not print it on the box? I have said it before and will say it again, I do like that approach – it gives us something extra.

Laudoracing models are priced somewhere in between OttOmobile and GT Spirit, slotting them on a budget end of resin models available today. Keeping that in mind, my first impression of the model was well received, however, looking a little closer I noticed a few shortcomings. The overall paint is smooth – an improvement over their Lancia (reviewed a little while back). This time there are no paint drips, bubbles or oversprays. I also have to give Laudoracing Models a thumbs up on the reproduction of all the windows – they are all hard plastic. This is a much better approach to thin and flimsy ones used by other more expensive resin manufacturers. This is big news as you will not have to worry about them detaching, lifting or looking wavy over time, which is in my opinion the biggest letdown for resin models available today. Thank you Laudoracing Models for all the effort in making them in proper plastic – a job well done!!!

At the front, this model looks simple and sleek just like the real car. I do like the application of chrome all around the clear light covers; however, their shape towards the bottom should be rounder. On the model, they have a rounded point which is just not oval enough. The oval lamps right behind those covers look good – nothing to complain about. In the middle, you are greeted with an Alfa Romeo emblem mounted on their signature reverse triangle grille, which could use some refinement. A single wiper on the front windshield is correct and proves that sometimes less is more when it comes to beauty and style.

Moving on to the side, wow what a unique yet stunning design. Looking at the rear wheel arches, at first, I thought they were reproduced not fully round in error, but after comparing them to pictures of the real one, I realized they do have the same shape. I like the detail on the side windows and the fact they curve onto the roof. Again with proper plastic windows, they will stay curved and appreciated for years to come. The rear engine cover shut line is very tight – a little too tight as the real one has bigger gaps. I think this could be remedied with some black paint outlining the groove. A similar application could have been done to outline the front opening and around the doors as well. Vents behind the rear wheels of the car are not perforated. Since this is a budget model, I am happy to accept it the way it comes.

Let’s take a look at the top roof section of the model. Chrome around the window looks reasonable if you are not looking up close. On closer inspection you will notice some sloppiness and lack of refinement – please take a look at close-up pictures.

Rims look accurate, and valve stems are present. Brake calipers and rotors are mostly hidden by the rims – nothing wrong as they are true to the original. Tire thread is present, however, tire branding is not which seems to be in line with other manufacturers in this price range.

The back of the model presents itself well. I would like to point out that a solid piece of plastic is used where open vents would have been the preferred choice. On the positive side, I am happy to report that the chrome on all four exhaust tips looks on point. They have decent depth and add some bling to the rear. The “Museo Storico” license plate is a very good choice and quite fitting as this is indeed a museum spec.

Inside, you are greeted with a mix of tan and brown which is true to the original. The hand brake is painted silver, top of the gear lever is finished in black. Carpeting is not present, and that is expected as their Lancia model did not have it either. Overall, I think Laudoracing Models used a reasonable amount of detail on the interior and I feel it is equivalent to most resin models in this price range.

To sum things up, l think this is a very unique model. Considering the Autoart version currently sells for significantly more than the price of this model, I think this is an excellent alternative. I do appreciate that four different versions are being produced so you can choose the one you like most or simply get them all. The overall paint and proper plastic windows are the strong points here. Lack of perforation and not-so-perfect chrome application are the weak points. For me, this model looks beautiful on display – even beside more expensive models. I think it is a win, as I will probably never see the real one and will be able to appreciate it in 1:18th scale!

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  1. DS Team says:

    Hey Luk, awesome review and thank you for the massive photo library!

    As for the model, decent effort for a budget entry, though I find OttOmobile is a little more delicate in executing the finer details. The photo-ecthing presented here is slightly sub-par but there is a hell of a lot of it! Nice to see the thicker design in the windshield and related, seems they took a page from Pop Race, as we found the same on this resin and sealed Singer.

  2. poblano says:

    AutoART’s version of the 33 Stradale is close to being one of my favorite models ever.

  3. Kev says:

    Any chance AutoART will re-release the 33 Stradale? Anything we can do to make a request to AutoART?

    • DS Team says:

      There is always a chance that a model will head back into production. Patience is key. And the AUTOart piece is leaps and bounds better than this resin release and worth every cent of the premium in regards to price. Email them to press your interest!

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