REVIEW: Norev Porsche 911 GT3 RS •

REVIEW: Norev Porsche 911 GT3 RS

No matter where in the world you are located, you probably have heard of the Porsche brand. If you are a car admirer, you will immediately identify a 911, and if you are an enthusiast who enjoys track days, the GT3RS maybe your car of choice. The Porsche 911 GT3 RS die-cast model made by Norev in 1:18 scale is the car I will be reviewing for you today.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a performance-focused model, with active aerodynamics such as an automatically adjustable rear wing and front diffuser to shave off those precious seconds around a race track. It is all about reducing turbulence and providing more downforce – something Porsche has brought to this car that derived from their motorsport racing. Wide stance, vents and flares, all give the real car an athletic look. This is also true to the model at first glance – let’s see how it fares outside the box.

This model is packaged in a standard Norev 1/18th scale presentation box. There is only one window display in the form of clear plastic at the front. It is screwed onto the styrofoam shell for safe transport. For those that keep models in their boxes, this type of packaging will allow you to stack boxes one on top of the other and still provide a view of the model that is inside.

Looking at the model up close, you will start to appreciate all the little details from perforated grilles on the outside to carbon fibre replication on the seats on the inside. Norev made a few different colour specs, and this metallic green with gold wheels example is limited to only 504 pieces. The overall fit and finish are quite good – maybe not as good as AUTOart Porsches, but quite respectable especially considering that Norev models are quite a bit cheaper to buy.

The main body shell is crafted in die-cast metal, with the aero bits reproduced in black matte plastic. Green metallic paint is well applied all over and does not show any signs of chips or overspray. The GT3RS script on both doors is neatly painted on, and I prefer this technique over a decal. Door shut lines are on point, and tight-fitting door windows are included.

Moving onto the wheels and tires, I do like Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tire branding – it adds to an ambience. Even more awesome is the tread pattern, which is exactly the same as on the real tire. This is a top-notch effort by Norev! Drilled rotors look good, red brake calipers have a visible white Porsche present, and black center nuts have RS badging too. The matte gold rims complete the look, and I think they go very well with the green metallic paint of the model. Wheels do roll forward and back and tilting them engages the steering wheel to rotate as well. I think the feel of turning the front wheels is a little light and would have preferred some added resistance.

The model is accessible to the inside by opening doors, where you will be greeted with a mix of black and red. On the inside of the door panel, you will find a red stitching simulation, a red design door insert, and a red fabric hoop to represent the door pull handle (a very neat touch). Seats have carbon fibre visible, with red graphics, red stitching and a GT3RS script on the headrest too. Behind the seats, you will find a red seat belt with a separate silver buckle. Both the steering wheel and dashboard are full of colour. For those who wonder about the floor, well good news, it is carpeted too.

At the front, you are welcomed with a perforated grille a feature most collectors prefer. Matte black aero parts have openings, head lights are decent too. However, I do think the model would look cleaner without the front license plate as it is a narrow area. The hood vents on the opening trunk are perforated and look great. I do wish the hood shut line would be a little tighter – on my example, it does not sit exactly levelled with the bumper. It does not look bad, but it could be better.

At the back, you cannot miss the big wing. On the real car, the wing is adjustable, however, on the Norev model presented here, it is fixed. There is also no access to the engine bay – mind you on the real car there is not much to look at either as it is covered. Porsche and GT3RS scripts are present as is the full-length red lightbar. The German license place is present and is quite fitting – it is after all a German car. I certainly prefer it at the back rather than the front.

To sum things up, l think this is a very good model with plenty of detail for the price. Looking at Diecast Society model of the year polls and finding this model on the top of its price category, I think it is obvious others feel the same. If you love modern Porsches, this is indeed a must, the only problem you will have is choosing the colour spec for you. I think as collectors we are very lucky to have a brand like Norev that delivers a great quality product for a reasonable cost. Don’t think twice, go and get yours before they are all gone – especially the limited edition ones!

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15 Responses to "REVIEW: Norev Porsche 911 GT3 RS"

  1. DS Team says:

    Luk, fantastic effort here! 50+ photos have to be recorded for this model in one array… It really gives fans of Porsche and Norev some awesome perspective, that there is still affordability in the hobby with more than average results.

    Yes, the model does show in some regards its lack of refinement, BUT there is a lot more good to celebrate here! Also, kudos to Norev for offering up some terrific spec’ed cars, this one for example is truly unique inside and out!

    No wonder this model is currently in the top 3 for voting for Model of the Year. It truly deserves a win! PLACE YOUR VOTES FOLKS!

  2. SPhilli911 says:

    Thank you for the review! This is by far my favorite model of 2023 and especially in this particular color. Same as Norev’s 964 Carrera models before this you really can’t beat the quality for the value.

  3. Vitaliy D says:

    Lovely model and lovely color! If I saw it before, I would definitely vote for this model!

  4. Porsche993 says:

    Norev did a really great job with this model, especially with the incorporation of the mesh in what would’ve been the frunk, but I’d have to go with the Minichamps version with opening bits even though it’s much more expensive. The side mirror angle/placement is still wrong on the Norev (they made this mistake with the standard 992 GT3 and for some reason, never corrected it). The Minichamps version also has a removable magnetized panel in the back, and an operable dynamic wing. The side mirror side angle on the Minichamps is also correct.

    • Razorblade says:

      And Minichamps actually produce their with a wing that is straight and not bent on the one side like Norev’s effort. Shame, because I love Norev and have many models in my collection.

    • DS Team says:

      Very rare that Minichamps today stretch that extra mile.

    • Karsten says:

      Thanks for the hint ! This just encouraged me to pre-order Minichamps´ yellow GT3 RS with the Weissach package and red rims.

    • Vitaliy D says:

      According to the comparison by Diecast Den:
      the model by Minichamps is _not_ a clear winner here.

      For example, the model by Norev has better head lights and tail lights (that use transparent plastic as lenses, whereas Minichamps use just painting), and some parts of the interior are better in the Norev’s model.

      Which raises a question of why Minichamps have not just copied the Norev’s head lights and tail lights that look more realistic.

  5. FIscher says:

    Hi everyone, I am Norev owner. Thank you for this very positive review and great photos! We will continue our effort to offer nice models for reasonable prices. Next in line maybe the 911 Dakar!

    For the bent rear wings. This didn’t happen on many models, but we have added a special process to make sure this will not happen again.

    All the best to his great website!

    • DS Team says:

      Thank you for the feedback. We know brands do review this site, but not all that often do they provide feedback. It’s nice to see you are addressing the rear wing issue.

      Good luck with the DS MOTY for 2023! You are currently in the top three!

    • Razorblade says:

      Hello Axel, thank you for carrying about us collectors and finding the time to respond, this speaks volumes about you and your great company. Since I never thought I will see a diecast company owner contacting us directly here I would like to take the opportunity to first thank you for offering nice models and pricing them in a way many of us can afford them and keeping the 360 access and metal models alive and second I would like to point a few things you may consider:

      1. Because Norev has such cool and easy way to swap wheels, do you think it might be a good idea if you offer “tunning” packages with different wheel designs for example AMG wheels we can put on a specific model of Mercedes we bought or Porsche RS wheels etc. I always saw it as an interesting idea since there are many collectors who modify their models upon their taste, or why not a complete AMG pack since the whole bumpers on some Mercedes are a separate part.

      2. I wrote to your support about 1/18 Mercedes W111 220SE not having the correct wheel design, before it’s release. What I mean is that the current wheels are a design that was available in the late 60’s and this car was produced untill 1965. In that case it is supposed to have the same wheels like your W113 230SL the basic steel wheels with the hubcaps or if it was ordered in the luxury trim the wheels of your W111 280SE Coupe (although with a bit smaller tires).

      3. On the last Nuremberg toy fair you had a W123 from the german firedepartment. There was a mistake on the doors, it’s written “BerFufsfeuerwehr” which is wrong, it should be “Berufsfeuerwehr”. And while we mention W123 they are supposed to have EXACTLY the same wheels like the above mentioned W111 220SE with chrome instead of the current variant with silver paint.

      What I wrote so far, was because I love the hobby and Norev as many of our fellow users here and I do care when it comes to fine details, because this separates the great model from other poor efforts and even toys. As for the GT3RS It’s great to hear the issue was adressed this means I will most likely buy the Norev. Keep up the great work and all the best! :)

      • Axel Fischer says:

        Dear Razorblade,
        Thank you for your message!
        1. Yes, in fact we did some wheels in the past for KK scale, and we should do more… One of our project manager pushed me to do special wheels. I will talk with him about this possibility… You may see some new wheels in a few months…
        2. OK! I’ll pass the info and will check this too!
        3. Same person in charge AHAHAH! I ll talk with him… Maybe it was a deco sample for the letters, but for the wheels I will dive into it…
        Thank you for your support!

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