REVIEW: OttOmobile Audi S3 (8L) •

REVIEW: OttOmobile Audi S3 (8L)

The latest addition from OttOmobile is the Audi S3 (8L) in Blue.  A car that hasn’t seen a day in North America as of yet in any platform is one hot hatchback I’d love to test drive.  The A3 8L is the first generation with the S3 being the premium sport version with two output options offered from the 1.8l turbocharged 20v power plant.  The first delivering 207hp and a second higher output version featuring 222hp.  Fun fact this was also the first time a 4 cylinder motor was used to power an Audi S series car.



This is a limited edition model which I have #826/1000.  I actually received the model a month ago, but guess what, quality control issues forced me to send the model back to OttOmobile.  The problem with the first S3 was multiple areas of the model laced with excessive glue residue that was not removable, and in areas with too high visibility.  A come theme with buyer’s of OttOmobile products all too often.  The replacement is better but not perfect, which I will elaborate more on below.


audi_s33 audi_s315

Overall exterior lines were captured well when captured to the 1:1.  My only minor complaint would be the lower spoiler/fin that stretching from the front to rear, angle and overall size visually seem off other than this OttOmobile did a very good job.  Shutlines and panel gaps are perfect and usually are with reviewing resin/sealed models.  Though OttOmobile could have used more finishing time during the manufacturing process, there is a lot of rough edges that detract from the model as a whole.  The front fascia upper and lower grilles are solid plastic; my wish list would include perforated bits.  Also, my upper grille has a slight tick on the driver’s side, but not big enough for me to send the model back for a second time. Oh, OttOmobile!


Wheels are the standard Audi OEM Avus 17″ rim with a solid one-piece rotor caliper combination in the background.  This model is screaming for a larger diameter wheel in my opinion OttOmobile should have used the optional 18″ 9 spoke RSTT wheel, especially when you develop an Audi S series car!  If budget and time allow me, this model will receive a wheel upgrade.  What wheel option should I use?


audi_s36 audi_s316

The interior features upgraded S trim featuring Recaro seats with colour matched inserts.  I do like it!  From what I can see the interior bits are all there and executed well when comparing to the original.  There is no access to the motor as you know we’re dealing with a sealed model.  Underneath the car is sparse with little detail other than a crude suspension outline and slightly painted exhaust system.  This is a budget resin model remember costing 44 Euro.


The team at OttOmobile did a decent job with the Audi S3, though quality control practices still plague the brand.  I will give their customer service team two thumbs up though, and receiving a replacement model does require patience (thank you Florin), but at least, for the most part, it is pain-free.  I would recommend this example to diehard Audi fans only or those who can appreciate the sublime hot hatchback phenomenon.  Otherwise, this one is a pass.  What do you think?  Enjoy the pics!

audi_s3 audi_s35 audi_s37

audi_s311 audi_s312 audi_s317

audi_s318 audi_s319

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3 Responses to "REVIEW: OttOmobile Audi S3 (8L)"

  1. Ravi says:

    Great review !!!!! Love it.

  2. Wayne says:

    Good review, I have one of these myself & have no complaints at all about the model.
    I also had this exact colour of S3 for 8 years & it was every bit as good as you would expect.
    I’m sure if you ever had the chance to drive one you would love it, although finding a good un-abused one these days is pretty slim!

    Regarding the optional 18″ wheels. As far as I’m aware there never were any other options available on this model. The 17″ Avus were standard on both S3 and S4 of this era. Many people including myself upgraded to 18″ of various types, however in the UK I have certainly never seen any other factory options.

  3. Hi, I own an Audi A3 8 l. Its yellow in colour. I have restored this car as my race car and would love to know where to purchase 1like this in 1:18 model.Thank you in advance

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