REVIEW: OttOmobile Volkswagen Golf Country •

REVIEW: OttOmobile Volkswagen Golf Country

For around ten years, the Volkswagen Golf Mark II platform ran strong, and during this period, the Golf evolved with engine changes and variants from the standard base Golf to the legendary Golf GTI 16v. One of the variants that always fascinated me was the Golf Country. The Golf Country was a version of the basic Golf platform designed for light off-road duty. Obviously, the car had a more desirable suspension travel, coupled with a Volkswagen syncro four-wheel drive system. In addition, bullbars, added exterior lighting, skid-plate, and the elephant in the rear – the hanging outside spare – are the basic elements that made the Golf Country so unique. The model we have here was manufactured by OttOmobile in 1:18 scale. Their current platform consists of sealed, resin-based models in both 1:18 and 1:12 scale. So, how did OttOmobile do? Read on.



At first glance, the elevated stance of the Golf Country is apparent, it’s bloody high compared to the standard Golf. Exterior lines and overall shape are nicely captured by OttOmobile. I appreciate the fact they used OEM Montana Green as the exterior colour, it is one that adorned most of Volkswagen advertising campaign, and you’ll see the same in many images available on the Internet. That being said, the paint is consistent throughout and nicely executed. The side of the car features a large Golf Country decal, replicated in true from to the 1:1.


The front of the Golf Country features a massive bullbar, and added exterior lights – these come in the form of lower fog lights. Overall, the execution on my piece is solid, definitely has depth. Though I did have a small issue that happened during shipping I guess, the driver side fog light was detached from the bumper. A little CA glue, and two minutes later all was good once again.


The rear is much the same as the front, overall execution is very good. What takes precedence here is the massive exterior spare, large rear mud flaps, and the lower protection bars for the rear differential. Overall, I like it!



The wheels are replicated in true form to the original piece, nothing too fancy here. The package has the basic wheel and tire mated to the brake caliper and rotor. All works well and seems to mirror the original. Underneath, the model is more detailed than your typical resin piece. Drivetrain, exhaust, and skid plates are all highlighted, nice to see OttOmobile added this additional detail. Well done, folks!



The interior features the basic Golf seating and dash. All the elements seem to be here and executed well. The fabrics on the seats though highlight the Golf Country theme, and look the part, too. No interior carpeting, and the rear dash shelf look slightly too generic, a little more care would have been preferred here.


If you’re looking for a unique piece, and one you may never see replicated in 1:18 scale again, the Volkswagen Golf Country from OttOmobile is a very nice piece. I have no issue recommending the model. This one will definitely have some shelf presence. If this is what you’re after, or just appreciate the SUV theme, maybe this one is for you. Enjoy the pics!

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