REVIEW: Solido Alpine A310 Pack GT •

REVIEW: Solido Alpine A310 Pack GT

A recent pair of a classic European car was introduced by Solido last December.  We have the 1:18, diecast metal in Red and White.  This replica does provide the budget consensus buyer with a foot-hold on one French classic and it does it with style…

From the exterior side, we will say the overall lines of the model are represented well.  Soldio does a decent job in capturing the lines of the classic Alpine A310 Pack GT.  Paint is decent for the most part and consistent throughout.  Differences in the exterior presentation are colour only from what we can see.  Basically, with have Red with Black accent bits and White with Black accents bits.  Note mirrors ship separate from the model.  Installation was simple.  Glue wasn’t necessary on our examples.

Where the model begins to show its price point is on the panel gaps.  Our examples had varying gaps between the two colours, which is evident in the photo above.  On the plus side, the shut-lines were definitely far better in execution.

The front is simple in design.  Plastic-like headlight covers and simple decal begin the upper section.  The lower section s fitted with turn signal and running lights, they are more authentic in appearance than the headlights.

On the lower section of the passenger front windshield, there are a couple of decals.  We’re not sure what the significance is.  Anyone?

The rear is much like the front.  Simple plastic tail spoiler sits just above Renault Alpine decal.  Good quality materials replica the taillight lights and small exhaust tip is visible on the left side.  Rear glass once again provide a neat deal; it provides homage to the Renault/Elf racing heritage from years past.  Nice touch by Solido to include for sure!

Other than access to the interior the model is fully sealed.  So we’ll finalize the exterior side with a look at the wheels.  Wheels on both examples are painted in Silver.  A decent definition of the overall look.  Rear wheels are wider by a large margin which is aligned with the original.  We don’t see any braking apparatus, likely due to the mono-block style of wheel.

Accessing the interior section is simple, operation on both examples was spot on.  Red and White are identical in appearance, the one exception is the Red continue with the tan theme while the White is executed in Black.  If we had to choose between the two, we prefer the tan with Black seats.

All elements of the interior are covered.  Nothing was done to the level of AUTOart or he likes but very acceptable based on price point.  No carpeting or seat-belts are noticed front and rear.

For one getting into the hobby, the Solido Alpine A310 Pack GT is definitely something to consider.  Diecast metal exterior, access to the interior and decent exterior visuals present a good package.  At less than $70 CND these models do provide a lot of good at far less than the average AUTOart opening piece, but what you gain in price is definitely lost in the overall refinement.  This is no secret, and we think Solido understand that.  We will be presenting a future review on the Soldio Catheram 275R Academy, stay tuned.  Enjoy the pics!

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6 Responses to "REVIEW: Solido Alpine A310 Pack GT"

  1. Said says:

    The declac on the windshield is and additional insurance & tax of the year , between 1981 and 2000 France impose this additional tax

  2. Atalante says:

    Looks very cheapo. At this price point if they cannot make the openings and pabel gaps right it is better to keep the model sealed. That’s what KK Scale is doing with success.

    • DS Team says:

      Some are stuck on the “opening” piece. We have our first KK Model hopefully coming this week. We’ll see how good they really are..

      • Atalante says:

        Looking forward to your review. Not sure about previous KK Scale models but I am very satisfied with my new 365 GTC/4 especially for the price I paid.

  3. Ilka says:

    Some Solido models are very nice donors for some custom projects – like their 427 cobra, that beats Kyosho with proportions, and Mini, which does the same.

    Sadly, this model is not like that.

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