REVIEW: Solido BMW E46 M3 •

REVIEW: Solido BMW E46 M3

The third generation of BMW M3 attracted many hearts of BMW enthusiasts. BMW E46 M3 was available with some exclusive colours: laguna Seca Blue and Phoenix Yellow – ready for the new millennium. Widened fenders, side vents, a small lip spoiler, quad exhausts and a high revving inline-six-cylinder engine completed this German driving machine. Solido is showering us with new releases lately and the 1:18 scale BMW E46 M3 in Laguna Seca Blue and Phoenix Yellow is here to satisfy our taste buds. Which colour do you prefer?

Packaged in a standard Solido box, models are finished in die-cast metal with opening doors and movable rubber front wheels. Looking at it from the back, it almost seems like the rear trunk may open up but I can assure you it does not. Backlights simulate LED brake lights and turn signals which I think were available towards the mid to end of the production life cycle. The trunk-mounted lip spoiler is present and the quad exhaust tips have some nice depth to them too. The back window has a window defogger and the trunk lock mechanism is there as well. Overall I think the finish is good for this budget model.

On the front, it’s standard Solido finish – all grilles and vent openings are solid plastic pieces and there are no perforated parts. This is a very common finish in models in the budget price range. BMW M3 license plate is there to remind you it is no ordinary BMW. I do like the clear turning signals with an orange bulb visible inside – very nice.

Looking at both blue and yellow examples, I wish the blue had a light interior and the yellow one dark interior. Maybe buying both colours and doing an interior swap would be a nice little project. Speaking of the interior, it is replicated with a budget in mind and there are no textured or carpeted surfaces inside. There are some silver accents on the dashboard, around the shifter and the doors to brighten things up which I can definitely appreciate.

From the side, the general look is good. Rims look reasonable with BMW badges in the center – the //M emblem is present too. Bolts are painted black, brake calipers and discs are painted gray. The side turning signals are separate pieces which are nice, although they are a little off level. I get the feeling that someone had to put them on very quickly and forgot to level them to a horizontal line.

To sum everything up, I think overall it is a lovely budget die-cast model finished in iconic E46 M3 colours. If you want more detail and see the engine too, you will have to spend a lot more money to get the Kyosho or AUTOart example. If you will not display yours open and do not care for the engine detail, this one from Solido will certainly hit the spot.

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  1. DS Team says:

    An iconic specimen from BMW’s past. Nice to see in a budget form where more people can enjoy it. Kyosho and AUTOart should definitely consider putting their moulds back into production!

    • Kostas says:

      I totally agree with you. You forgot to mention the Otto E46 M3 version, which in my humble opinion until today is the best example of this model in terms of stance, panel gaps, correct wheel proportions and better quality front and rear lights, in depth and overall details.

      I have both models from Otto, the Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3 and the stunning M3 CSL in the classic Steel Grey. Both very beautiful and very well crafted model cars. On the downside no opening parts..

  2. yellowcamaro says:

    Thanks for the review and photos! The car looks pretty pleasing and proportions seem to be fine. For the price, agreed a fine model indeed. I’ve been checking Solido’s newer e46 M3 CSL release, in the signature grey/silver shade which seems to look really smart. It also seems like that car sits a little lower, and the headlamp bulbs are a little more detailed/ or more reflective from the photos. By any chance if you’re adding that to your line up, feel free to drop us another review, hahaha!

  3. Bart says:

    I have the bleu one. Nice model, however it seems to me Solido models are too large to be correct scale. It looks out of proportions in a line up with other brand models. Anyone thinks the same?

  4. Bill Brandt says:

    I greatly appreciated your review of the Solido BMW M3 in Phoenix Gold, a car I owned from 2001-2022. Putting aside the blue car, the photos show two very different color cars: one color is Phoenix Gold as I know from my 21-year ownership. The other is a dark gold. It is not an authentic color and it is most certainly NOT Phoenix Gold.

    You spend time addressing authenticity, but don’t address which color car is the authentic Phoenix Gold. How. Many “Phoenix Gold” cars were viewed. Why are there two different “Phoenix Golds” shown?

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