REVIEW: Solido Nissan GT-R R35 LBWK Army Fighter •

REVIEW: Solido Nissan GT-R R35 LBWK Army Fighter

If cars, wide-body kits and the army are your thing, then this 1:18th scale Solido 2022 Nissan GT-R (R35) Liberty Walk with Type 2 Army Fighter body kit is certainly the model for you. There is absolutely nothing tame – it grabs your attention standing still. Nothing is stock here – no matter at which angle you look. Let’s not waste any time and jump right into the review.

This not-so-shy model comes in Solido’s “Competition” labeled box which is slightly longer than usual. This time the mirrors come attached, however, the huge wing is a separate piece and has to be attached to the body of the car. This process is very easy as it slots into four pre-drilled points on the trunk lid. The fit is nice and tight, meaning you don’t have to use any glue or worry it will easily detach. I think Solido got everything correct here when it comes to overall fit and finish. This Nissan GT-R is crafted in die-cast metal which translates to a fairly heavy model. For those who like the feel of metal, this model will not disappoint you. Although the trunk and engine bay are sealed, it does have opening doors and steerable wheels. I am quite surprised how much the front wheels steer considering this is a lowered version of the GT-R.

The matte green paint with army decals gives this gem a very stealthy look. It is a love-or-hate paint scheme, but I think the whole package looks rather interesting. Overall paint application is decent with no visible paint over spays. The decal application is decent as well – the only decal I would worry about is the one placed on the passenger side right where the door opens up. Because of its placement, I feel over time it may start peeling.

Door shut lines are very good – I would say above average for models in this price range. From the side profile, this model looks like a mean machine. The grey paint which outlines the lower part of the car blends very well with green paint. The doors include windows, which have a good fit to the body of the car – opening them with the assistance of an opening tool is recommended. Wide body wheel arches have grooves to show real car has added on extra parts. Bolts show nice depth, and a dab of black paint simulates screws. Tires have both sponsor branding and tire thread present – this shows Solido put in good effort here. Rims are painted gloss black, with silver rotors and green Brembo calipers. The overall package works very well.

Looking inside, I think this replica is right on point. It is predominantly black with some silver in the center console and around oval air vents. Screen display and gauge cluster dials are simulated with decals. The steering wheel has some silver paint too, and a GT-R decal completes the package. Floors are finished in plastic and no carpeting is present – this is in line with budget models in the same price range offered today.

At the front, you can’t help but notice both yellow headlight covers and army-styled bumper paint. Again, this is more of a love-it-or-hate-it look – if you are looking for individuality, you get it here. The lower aero lip and winglets are textured plastic pieces that simulate carbon fibre and I think it looks acceptable. On the flip side, there are no perforated grilles. GT-R badge and LB Performance script complete this untamed front end.

At the back, the model looks just as wild. The wing is huge! The rear lights are separate plastic pieces but could use a little more refinement. The rear exhausts are well done – they show depth and narrowing of the pipe – better than expected. Kudos to Solido here!  The rear window displays a marketing theme with the “Infinite LBWK THE WRAP ICON” decal taking centre stage.

To sum things up, l think this model excels in the budget die-cast market share. It is not everyone’s design theme, but I feel Solido puts a very significant effort into this model. In my opinion, quality-wise this is one of their better models of 2023 so far – I wonder what else they will have in store for us.

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  1. DS Team says:

    Thanks, Luk! This is definitely some eye candy from almost every candy. The sugar content might be extreme for most, but kudos to Solido for thinking outside the box and offering a vast array of models and themes!

  2. Kostas says:

    Thank you Luk for the very nice review and pictures! This is certainly a very interesting bodykit and livery, not for everyone ofcourse, but I like it. If you want to go crazy with a wide bodykit project car, this is obviously a very serious candidate.

    Bold and loud, but also unique and with a properly designed livery, accordingly to the specific army theme. I really like the Army Fighter livery theme and in my opinion all the colours and decals are very well designed and implemented. They really look the part in this case and they make a very nice Army Fighter theme. Liberty Walk did a great job here. At the end of the day, it can be said that a heavily tuned racing car like this GTR is a real fighter jet!.. :))

    I also agree, that Solido did a very solid work here. Taking always in mind its price range, it is a very well made model car with many details inside and out and with a very well designed and implemented livery to go with the wide bodykit. Kudos Solido and keep up the good work!

  3. Nordschleife says:

    Many thanks for the great review.
    I have both, the Ignition Model version and the Solido.
    Ignition took me €330, for the Solido I paid €45.
    I fully agree that Solido did a very good work on this model for that unbeatable price.

  4. peter adams says:

    Is there a real car that actually looks like this? Or is this some made up Anime thing?

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