REVIEW: Solido Nissan GTR R34 (1999) •

REVIEW: Solido Nissan GTR R34 (1999)

No matter in which generation, Nissan GTR is a Japanese icon in the car culture around the world. I think Solido has made the right call to reproduce one in 1:18th scale and today I will review one. Ladies and gentlemen, without any further introduction here, is the 1999 Nissan GTR R34 in midnight purple.

The model comes in the usual Solido box with a clear display on the front and sides. Mirrors come separately (I have attached them for pictures) and that seems to be Solido’s trend. A set of decals is also included in case you would like to put them on to make yours more personalized. I have not applied, but I took a picture for you to see.

So what is my first reaction when removed from the box? Well, very positive. The model is made of die-cast with some nice weight and features opening doors. The paint application is very good with metallic flakes present and consistent throughout – I cannot find any overspray anywhere. This midnight purple really shows well and adds to the beauty of this model – well done Solido!

All the lights including side turning signals, front turning signals, reverse light and rear fog light are all separate pieces of plastic and not just painted. Even the light on the inside of the doors is also a separate piece – again I think Solido did a great job here.

The only painted light is the stop light at the back of the car on the trunk section. The grills at the front of the car are solid pieces of plastic and are not perforated; the headlights are good and in line with models in Solido’s price range. The rear exhaust looks good too and has some depth to it.  Nissan and GTR branding, as well as the lock on the trunk, were not forgotten either.

Moving onto the doors – opening and closing them is quite satisfying as they do have a great feel to them. What do I mean by that? Well, they feel like you are opening and closing doors on a premium model – they require some strength to open and have and nice snap back when closing them.  The lock is replicated on the door handle with a silver paint application. The GTR logo is present on both door sills and has not been overlooked.

Moving onto rims and tires. I do like the choice of Nismo rims and gold Brembo calipers – they go really well against the midnight purple metallic paint. Tire tread is present however tire branding is not. Gold calipers have red Brembo markings on them both at the front and rear. Rims have Nismo branding as well. Looking closer at the middle of the rim, I noticed that mounting screws are present – just like in the real car.

Interior – there is no carpeting here and the floor is just smooth plastic with no texture to it. If that is important, you must move to a premium manufacturer. Interior bits are quite standard as expected for a budget model.

Overall I think this is a very nice budget model with a great colour and spec combination. I have to give Solido a round of applause – I think if they continue making models like this one, they will definitely have a very large budget model market share. I think what you get for the price is a really nice replica – I definitely recommend it.

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3 Responses to "REVIEW: Solido Nissan GTR R34 (1999)"

  1. DS Team says:

    Thanks Luk! This budget release will definitely appeal to younger fans coming into the hobby. Not a lot of Japanese cars or tuners related that fit the budget-friendly segment. Also, we like the fact of the included decals as separate. Either way you choose, with or without will change the exterior look!

  2. Tomcatters says:

    For many it will probably be a minor nitpick, but I really dislike the b-pillar being split and part of it opening wirh the door. It’s not supposed to and the shutlines splitting it make it look weird even when closed. Apart from that it’s a great budget model, but that’s not even a price-thing, it’s just plain wrong and I hoped they would rectify this in later releases (like Greenlight did)

    • Nenad says:

      Maybe the B pillar is their way of reinforcing the window pieces? I do agree it looks off although not a dealbreaker for me.

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