Solido New Alfa Romeo GTV6 - Red & Black •

Solido New Alfa Romeo GTV6 – Red & Black

As the team highlighted in their 2019 catalogue, the 1:18 Alfa Romeo GTV6 is soon to arrive.  Another great budget option for collectors and modifiers alike, this classic Italian hatchback is sure to find its way into many collections.  Two colours will be initially offered, they include Red and Black.  Diecast metal exterior and access to the interior are some of the features.

Product# S1802301 / S1802302

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2 Responses to "Solido New Alfa Romeo GTV6 – Red & Black"

  1. Giorgio says:

    Given there is the very nice 2.0 by Autoart, I wish they decided to make a model of the 1st generation Alfetta Gtv (built between 1974 and 1981) instead. With their thinner chrome bumpers and without all those black plastic trim, I think the early Alfetta GTV are much more desirable.

    • luke2236 says:

      Must disagree ; there are many models of the Alfetta, but very few of the GTV6. We need MORE GTV6 stuff – not less!
      Tho basically based – if youll allow that terminology – on the Alfetta, the GTV6 is a vastly superior car, and grossly under represented in models and press alike. Glad to see this one.

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