Spark Asian Edition Yamaha OX99-11 •

Spark Asian Edition Yamaha OX99-11

This one is something not seen is scale before, we present the 1:18 and 1:43 Yamaha OX99-11.   This unique piece is a Spark Japan exclusive.  Street date is set for mid to late January 2020.  The 1:18 will set you back about $240 CND and the 1:43 around $88 CND.  This would be a sweet addition to any scale collection!

About Yamaha OX99-11 “In the history of Japanese cars, there are surprisingly many cars that have been widely featured in magazines and news, and that have attracted expectations of car lovers but unfortunately, have not yet been marketed. The “OX99-11”, developed by Yamaha Motor in the early 1990s with the aim of marketing, is one such phantom car. Japan’s famous racing car constructor, Moon Craft, Takuya Yura, designed a beautiful and unique body with a carbon fibre monocoque chassis equipped with its own 3.5-litre V12 engine in a midship layout. I can’t imagine a manufacturer’s commercial vehicle. And at the heart of it, the Yamaha OX99 engine that was supplied to the F1 teams such as Jordan and Brabham was detuned for public roads. In other words, rather than Japan’s first supercar, the OX99-11 was the car that was suitable for calling the F1 machine down the road in terms of mechanism.”

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