Sun Star 1963 Ford Falcon Hard Top •

Sun Star 1963 Ford Falcon Hard Top

Sun Star is back back with a few new colours for their 1:18 1963 Ford Falcon Hard Top.  The feature model is presented in Oxford Blue, our personal fav.   The second is found Rangoon Red, sounds more like a pasta sauce than a exterior colour name to us!  The model features diecast body with a slew of opening bits.  The Ford Falcon is available for immediate delivery.


Product# 4543 / 4544

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  1. Oldtimer says:

    We had a white, two-door 63 Falcon station wagon. Wish they’d do that version, as well as a Ranchero.

  2. pako zavala says:

    but.. how much the cost it`s..?..

  3. Hello
    I’m looking for die cast 2 door hardtop 1963 ford falcon futura, in rose beige., please advise.

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