TOP Marques New Ferrari & Maserati 1:18 •

TOP Marques New Ferrari & Maserati 1:18

It feels like we spoke to the 1:18 Ferrari 288 GTO in the past, nonetheless, the team at TOP Marques is adding to the assortment of colours, new is Rosso Corsa, Black and Light Blue.  A nest concept from Maserati Boomerang is on tap too, welcome the Maserati Boomerang in Light Blue exterior.

Product# TOP120A – TOP120c / TOP105C 

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2 Responses to "TOP Marques New Ferrari & Maserati 1:18"

  1. Jon c says:

    Something I never understood. The original car was silver with a massive trident on the bonnet/hood. This is blue with no logo? Who buys these? It’s a fantasy version that never existed.

  2. eRoss says:

    I was about to pre-order the 288 GTO. Unfortunately, judging by the images posted on their website, tires appears to be way too thick. This stopped me right awway. Shame.

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