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Z Model New Releases: Citroën & Renault

We commented on the Z Model brand a short while ago, if you aren’t in the know this is the sister brand of GT Spirit and OttOmobile that will focus on the diecast metal scale models with opening parts.  Well, Z Model has officially unveiled two models that should be on shelves in late August, early September 2019.  The first is the 1:12 Citroën 2CV – Charleston in Red/Black.  The second finds the majestic 1:18 Renault Magnum Phase 2 Blanc.

Based on the initial images the focus here is on decent detail at a respectable price.  The  1:12 Citroën 2CV – Charleston for us North America folk will set you back 109 Euro while the Renault Magnum Phase 2 Blanc comes in under 125 Euro.  Not too shabby.  Hopefully, we’ll get our hands on a few examples soon.  Note, Z Model is offering FREE shipping for a limited time too.

About the Citroën 2CV…   “The Citroën 2CV is perhaps one of the most famous French cars to have ever been produced: in fact, it is possibly one of the most well-known cars in the world. It was so well-known and loved that Citroën produced the car for over four decades. In the eighties, the manufacturer decided to boost its sales and introduced the Charleston, a limited series car of 8000 units in red and black. This version was so popular that even the prime minister of France at the time drove around in a Charleston! While the car was produced with different liveries, the same bichromatic pattern always came back.”

Product# ZMD1200101 / ZMD1800101 

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