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It is announced as a unique piece of racing history… the latest effort from Real Art Replicas is 1:18 Sidchrome 1969 Ford Mustang – Jim Richards #12 car.  This example is crafted in resin with sealed body design.  We’re not totally impressed with the effort, and the sticker price is well above the average for resin, $199.95 US is the suggested retail.  Only 500 units are scheduled to go into production.

About the Sidchrome 1969 Ford Mustang…   “The Sidchrome Mustang is one of the most legendary Australian race cars of all time. It was built in New Zealand by Jim Richards and Murray Bunn to compete in the NZ Saloon Car Championship. In its debut season of racing, it won the NZ championship! In early 1975, Jim took it to Australia to race where he conquered many of Australia’s famous touring car drivers. With Jim’s victories and the car’s unique styling, the Sidchrome Mustang quickly became a well-known name in Australia. While the car was not the most technical or powerful, it was often a winner and carried a huge fan base that still exists today.”

Product# RAR18008

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  1. Mal Nicholls says:

    Just wondering what it is that is not totally impressing you about this model?

    • DS Team says:

      At first glance the chrome looks off and the overall presentation look plastic and static. In short there is no soul. It is however totted as “unique piece of racing history”. Price point is too high, no more $125-$149US here. Look at the numerous OttOmobile and GT Spirit pieces for example; well below this price point and execution is as good and better.

  2. Mal Nicholls says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. Price point, totally agree. DDA have done a couple of resin Moffat Mustangs at about the same price. Did believe they were overpriced. Have been buying Otto stuff since they first came out, have spoilt us with price/quality compared to others. Have not bought any recent GTSpirit but as they are related to Otto expect the same quality.
    Unfortunately no one else will be making this car as it presents. The real car was a sports sedan and the body changed over the years. Would have preferred the original car as it was close to a standard body.

    • DS Team says:

      That is the dilemma most of us face, there isn’t another option. And will there ever will be? Chances are no. So, at the end of the day each one of us need to weigh what’s important, and how much are we willing to pay and sacrifice.

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