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AB Models Ferrari F50 GT (UPDATED)

Those that fancy a 1:18 scale Ferrari Ferrari F50 GT can look to the upcoming resin and sealed effort from AB Models.  Multiple colours of this converted classic will be offered as well, see the array of provided photos.  Each model will ship with a base and cover.  No official release date is available, however, we suspect late Q4 or early Q1 2022.  Retail is estimated at around $300 CND.

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3 Responses to "AB Models Ferrari F50 GT (UPDATED)"

  1. Atalante says:

    Retail is $300 USD.

  2. Nordschleife says:

    A market niche in 1:18 that has for whatever reason not been filled by BBR yet.

  3. mrm says:

    Never heard of the company. The model looks like they did get wrong every shape they could. Not to mention the non existing fantasy colors.

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