Almost Real... A few questions answered by Huang Weiwei VGM •

Almost Real… A few questions answered by Huang Weiwei VGM

In a recent opportunity with the Vice General Manager of Almost Real,  Huang Weiwei, we asked him a few questions on what the status is for the Almost Real brand in the near future.  The questions encompassed the shift form SUV to supercars, a timeline to market, why the slowness from concept to production, and finally, what is in the near future or distant future for Almost Real?

Some questions were answered while others were a subtle tap dance around the topic; LOL we understand not putting all your eggs in one basket… As for the Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR, McLaren P1 GTR and Pagani Huayra Roadster replicas they are still in the works.  Smashing any rumours that plans for the Pagani Huayra Roadster have gone elsewhere.  This is great news!

“The supercar will be our important product line, we also very careful to check the point to release our the first supercar.”

There is no doubt speed to market is the biggest hurdle from a collector perspective. It is frustrating to see their execution in SUV 1:18 scale and not be able to celebrate with a fresh new Huayra Roadster or McLaren F1 with full 360 access.  Seems their focus is more on quality product than speed to market.  We can respect this company pillar.  In the meantime there is more wait, a possible release is targeted for the April China Hobby Show.  Fingers crossed!

“The first Benz model, it also took our long time to release to the market, so maybe compare the SUV products, the supercar could be a little longer from this April China Hobby Show.”

Unfortunately for us, there was no mention or answer to the question of future projects or what other possible marques are in the works from Almost Real.  Maybe at this point in time, there isn’t.  As their primary focus is completing what has been already confirmed for the last little while.

“But we are still trying our best to make the new product better”

We’re sure this isn’t the news that some of you wanted to hear, but this is the reality of the business for some.  The positives are here, we know they are still forging ahead with production of these models, and the quality will be on par or better than the currently released assortment.  This gives all of some more time to save our pennies for these future classics!


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5 Responses to "Almost Real… A few questions answered by Huang Weiwei VGM"

  1. Roger Lodge says:

    Since you mentioned it, I would love to see them attempt a Mclaren F1. The Autoart version has been selling regularly around $600 on ebay – demand is obviously strong.

  2. Karsten says:

    There is more sales potential in models that have never been made yet. Already owning the excellent old AUTOart McLaren and Huayra, I am not so much interested in those. If they announced a Chiron, I would gladly wait for it and pass over the AA.

    In fact, there is not much news in this interview at all, obviously careful not to spill the beans. What may be said again at this point, though, is that AR listens to criticism and make timely improvements: The Range Rover has been given seatbelts after there was criticism over the omission of seatbelts on their first production run. Now the same model comes with them. Excellent!

  3. Roger Lodge says:

    Karsten: I’d say for less iconic cars you are correct, but for cars like the Mclaren F1 that are incredibly popular but have only been released in very limited numbers by Autoart, it would be beyond a safe bet to get big sales. The market is far from saturated which is evident by the second hand price.

  4. Lausambaychua says:

    Regarding the SUV segment: I think they even need to expand this one, especially regarding the more iconic ones like the Land Cruiser (J105) or Land Cruiser (J70). I remember that AUTOart also made quite a number of SUV models, and no one was complaining back then. And for supercars, I hope they make none of the Lamborghinis/Paganis/Bugattis/Audis that almost every other companies made. The market is flooded with those, and to be honest I’m sick of looking at all of those rebadged cars altogether. Sure, we need more sportscars and supercars, but cars like the legendary RUF CTR Yellowbird, RUF CTR 2017, RUF RGT8, BAC Mono, Donkervoort D8 GTO, Lotus 3-Eleven, Lotus Exige (AUTOart made the Mono, 3-Eleven, and Exige, but Composite), or other more iconic classics like the F1/F1 LM, SLR McLaren, or even 288 GTO, F40, F50, and Berlinetta Boxer 512i if they can get the license from Ferrari. In fact, I’d rather they make some luxury limosines like the Mulsanne Speed that they’re about to release, or even better, the Toyota Century (G50), or some more iconic Japanese sports cars like the Supra.
    In short, I want them to be the “next AUTOart”, with all-round focus and the same quality that we’re familiar with right now, instead of just an another Lamborghini/Pagani/Audi/Bugatti carbon copy manufacturer. And for the record, I’d rather they take a bit more time to release a new model which doesn’t have any shortcomings/mistakes, rather than they shortcut through something to get the release date early. Personally, I’m looking forward to their Mulsanne Speed and Land Rover Defender Camel Trophy.

  5. Aaron says:

    I wish the 1/18 Jags and Mclaren P1’s would be ready by now

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