Almost Real Land Rover Defender 110 Adventure Edition •

Almost Real Land Rover Defender 110 Adventure Edition

Expanding on their 1:18 Defender series, Almost Real provides fans with the Land Rover Defender 110 Adventure Edition.  We believe the model here was originally rumoured back in 2018.  Those looking for a fine example in metal with full access will no doubt find it here.   Production is limited to only 500 pieces, with the first production samples arriving later this summer.  Pre-order one now, from our site sponsor

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11 Responses to "Almost Real Land Rover Defender 110 Adventure Edition"

  1. Michael Wilkinson says:

    More of the same, boring, tedious 4×4 nonsense from Almost Real. On their website they have had ‘Coming Soon’ for various 1;18 Pagani Zonda models for over 3 years now, yet all they ever seem to produce is the same, tedious and boring 4×4 nonsense! Yawn, yawn and YAWN!

    • Rafa says:

      LCD announced a few weeks ago a Pagani in 3 colours, the price will be 370 euros, so my question now is how much will be the Paganis from Almost Real!?

    • Karsten says:

      I actually would want them to finally release their “4×4 nonsense” in the shape of the dirty version Camel Trophy Defender 110 that I ordered what must be 4 years ago now. That´s all I really want. But announcing

    • ilka says:

      Well, to me all the modern super/hypercars are boring nonsense that makes me want to put my head into the door gap and slam the door.
      There are so many sport cars and racers from 1960s to modern days that went uncovered at all, or poorly made, yet people demand for another Zonda… YAWN.

      But regardless of our moaning, they will prioritize their production where the market goes. Obviously their main market now is Middle-East, where people adore the expensive offroaders.

  2. Moink says:

    Agree with most everyone else. This is getting too repetitive. The desert sand g wagon, the continuous g wagons (excluding the Brabus). AR needs to put out new materials besides the S class, G wagon, and land rovers. It’s time to deliver on their offerings. That being said, I hope they debut the new G wagon and Brabus variants soon at least.

  3. Aceman says:

    This company only talks, unlike LCD that lets its models do the talking!
    Saying I’m annoyed is an understatement. They can’t be taken seriously and have been beating around the bush for far too long. Now I certainly believe those rumors going around about them must be true!

  4. Peter Harry says:

    I have to agree with Michael and Moink….tedious 4×4 models, how very boring indeed!

  5. Simon Tanns says:


    New model from Almost Real…is it the pagani 1:18 Zonda that we have been waiting over 4 years for?


    It’s just another 4×4….this time with some mud and dirt on it….how exciting….NOT!

  6. David777 says:

    Almost real are pretty boring, we want an exciting variation of models please. Not the same recycled model in another color!

  7. Arthurs100 says:

    Boring, boring, boring, boring are what Almost Real produce…dull 4x4s. Someone wake me up when they produce something interesting!

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