Almost Real New BRABUS G 800 Adventure XLP - Obsidian Black •

Almost Real New BRABUS G 800 Adventure XLP – Obsidian Black

Almost Real is closing off 2021 with another colour for their version of the 1:18 BRABUS G 800 Adventure XLP 2020 in Obsidian Black.  We’ll share some photos of the model in the new year.  If you’re interested in one, visit site sponsors Racing Heroes now to purchase.  Merry Christmas folks!

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  1. Peter1000 says:


  2. Razorblade says:

    After buying the new Defender Camel Trophy Support Unit, I can say Almost Real have problem with the material they make tires from, it’s super hard almost plasticy feeling and when I bought it I had to choose from a couple of models in the shop cos the first ones had crooked tires. I got the one with the less crooked, when examining at home I got to the conclusion it’s not the shafts causing the issue, but the fact the tires being so hard were not attached properly to the rim. It’s almost impossible to get them inside properly, on many of their models also the tires look square when looked front or back, the board should have a little curve imitating the pressure caused by the weight of the vehicle. They should work on that seriously, Autoart has probably the best material for tires, they even get flat spots when sitting for longer like a real car…

  3. JP86 says:

    Not a lot of love shared for this model. I find this replica nothing less than breathtaking. Another great diecast model from almost real and something special to make any collection look great. Looks 10 times better than AA’s 6×6 G class. However, I will wait for the grey one

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