Almost Real Revised 2016 Catalogue / More Product Info •

Almost Real Revised 2016 Catalogue / More Product Info

We highlighted the new manufacturer ‘Almost Real’ and their 2016 catalogue back in early April.  Since then we’ve had a few conversations with brand.  First off we’ve attached the revised 2016 catalogue, note the missing McLaren and Mercedes-Benz brands.  All is not lost as they told us that “Bentley, Benz, Land Rover and McLaren” are still on tap for 2016.  Almost Real are actively working on licensing for other brands, but mum is the word on those at the moment.

Pricing for their models will be as follows: 1:43 would retail from $60USD~$90USD, while our preferred scale of 1:18 will be priced from $100USD~190USD.  There are definitely some projects currently in the pre-production stage, we’ll hopefully share photos within the coming weeks.

alreal2016rcatalog alreal2016rcatalog2

alreal2016rcatalog3 alreal2016rcatalog4

alreal2016rcatalog5 alreal2016rcatalog6

alreal2016rcatalog7 alreal2016rcatalog8

alreal2016rcatalog9 alreal2016rcatalog10

alreal2016rcatalog11 alreal2016rcatalog12

alreal2016rcatalog13 alreal2016rcatalog14

alreal2016rcatalog15 alreal2016rcatalog16


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5 Responses to "Almost Real Revised 2016 Catalogue / More Product Info"

  1. John says:

    That Bentley limo on page 11 does seem almost real based on those pictures. . Sometimes it seems like some TSM models fall into being “almost real” with all of their production delays but in a different way than in this case.

  2. Sachin says:

    I want one of those Bentley limos. Looks wicked !

  3. Marcus says:

    The pictures of the Bentley limousine are the press release images from Bentley Motors

  4. Lausambaychua says:

    Holy hell! A first-generation Range Rover! Also many Defender variants! Oh well, it appears that I’ll have to work harder…

  5. Peter says:

    Does anybody knows, if the in the Almost Real Models-Catalogue 2016 listed 1:18 scale Land Rover Defender 90 Final Edition Autobiography 2015 in Corris grey met. / Santorini black (810203) has ever been realised? Or is this late on schedule / release?

    I could not find anything on the Internet. Model would actually be the same (except some more precise finish-details, especially door-hinges and a significantly higher price), like the one from KYOSHO …

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