Amalgam 1:12 Ferrari LaFerrari - Blue •

Amalgam 1:12 Ferrari LaFerrari – Blue

For those finer collectors, Amalgam will introduce a 1:12 version of the Ferrari LaFerrari in this gorgeous blue exterior.  No opening parts, but a fully sealed model with very good attention to detail.  If interested, this puppy will set you back $1,985US.

About the Ferrari LaFerrari …  “Made for just 499 clients, this exalted Ferrari hypercar was described by Top Gear magazine as “a V12 with KERS electrification that amounts to 950bhp of pure industrial awesomeness.” The LaFerrari, literally meaning ‘TheFerrari’ in Italian, is the marque’s first ever production car to be fitted with a Formula One-derived hybrid power unit, the HY-KERS system. A 6.3 litre naturally aspirated V12 combustion engine is twinned with an electric motor producing an additional 150 brake horsepower.

The total power output from the ‘engines’, is a heady 950 bhp. What separates LaFerrari from its contemporary competitors, along with less weight and more power, is the fact that this power unit was designed to produce maximum outputs constantly whilst the car is on the move. This means that there is no separate electric mode to be engaged; instead, the combustion and electric units work in perfect tandem, with energy being harvested via a variety of systems including the brakes and traction control.”

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