Amalgam 1:18 Jaguar XKSS •

Amalgam 1:18 Jaguar XKSS

Expanding on their 1:18 Jaguar series, the team at Amalgam introduces the Jaguar XKSS.  Another nicely detailed piece comes in resin with a sealed-body design.  This model is available for immediate delivery, though the price is firm at $740 US.  Please contact Amalgam for more information.

About the Jaguar XKSS…  “Often referred to as the world’s first supercar, the XKSS was the road-going version of the Le Mans dominating D-Type, which was victorious in 1955, 1956 and 1957. Jaguar withdrew from the competition at the end of the 1956 season (private teams raced in 1957) and were left with several completed and partly completed builds. In an attempt to recoup some of the investment, and to tap into the increasingly lucrative American market for European sports cars, these were converted into a road-going specification.

Only minor changes were made to the basic D-type structure, keeping the original 3.4-litre engine which provided 262 horsepower. A passenger-side door was added, the large fin behind the driver and the divider between passenger and driver seats both removed. Further changes were made specifically for the American market: a full-width, chrome-surrounded windscreen was added; side screens were added to both driver and passenger doors; a folding, fabric roof was added for weather protection; chromed bumpers were added front and rear (a styling cue later used on the E-type); XK140 rear light clusters were mounted higher on the wings, and thin chrome strips were added to the edges of the front light fairings. Steve McQueen and James Hull both owned XKSSs, with the former referring to his car as the “Green Rat”.”

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4 Responses to "Amalgam 1:18 Jaguar XKSS"

  1. Pier Paolo says:

    As usual it costs an exaggerated amount. Even the shape doesn’t seem much, frankly it seems to me that it is too narrow. Honestly, better to find an Autoart XK-SS.

  2. Evert Delanoye says:

    Looking at the quality of some details such as the gear stick and the windscreen wipers, this doesn’t justify it’s price. The folded fabric roof appears to be completely missing. I think it’s better to buy all the available colors of the AutoArt XKSS model and even save some money over this one… On the other hand, it’s always good if another Jaguar model is released.

  3. MLB says:

    This is a TERRIBLE model that is made even worse by the price which can not be justified. I actually had this model on my want list and was prepared to buy one until…. I saw the photos! Shape looks off, windshield frame and door window frames are wrong, detail problems that Evert mentioned, body rivets are a little to big, exhaust shield is not very good, poorly done molded in details on the dashboard that should be separate parts in this price range. What a big disappointment.

  4. Mir says:

    Wow, judged by with these pictures, it seems that around $100 is an adequate price.

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