Amalgam Completed Ford GT40 1:8 Scale •

Amalgam Completed Ford GT40 1:8 Scale

A project spanning nearly two years, the team at Amalgam has finally completed their version of the 1:8 scale Ford GT40.  With in-depth R&D with the Ford brass and development companies, the model is crafted in detail right down to the last decal.  Full access is nice to see, and the attention to detail and interior are definitely present too.  All of this does come at a price, north of $13,000 US.  The first 50 customers will receive a limited, signed print.  Defined as a Giclée art print of a beautiful Rainer Schlegelmilch photograph shot in the early stages of the 1969 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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7 Responses to "Amalgam Completed Ford GT40 1:8 Scale"

  1. MLB says:

    Once again, the “fellows” at Amalgam have proved that they know nothing about good research and historical accuracy. And most of the “Ford brass” are still wet behind the ears when it comes to knowing anything about what is, and is not correct, and they also know little to nothing about historical accuracy. What a joke. Mistakes again as with ALL Amalgam models of vintage cars.

    • Sim says:

      While I am not a fan of the outrageous prices behind Amalgam models, I am extremely curious about your claims that the model is poorly researched & inaccurate, along with the rest of their vintage car lineup. Could you enlighten me on some of the glaring mistakes that you think deserves calling-out on this GT40? This isn’t sarcasm, but genuine interest.

  2. kenney bee says:

    The 1.10 GT40 by Exoto for a fraction of the price is as good or even better than what is being offered here

    • MLB says:

      While I am not a fan of Amalgam, Exoto has also made many some blunders. Their big 1:10 GT40 is great, but… historically wrong. They modeled the car as restored by its previous owner, not as it existed in 1966. Also, the Exoto piece is a MK II, not an earlier Mk I as the Amalgam. They are Very different cars.

      • kenney bee says:

        Yes I agree with you MLB yes they are very different cars, but the exoto is still a great model

  3. Robert says:

    You guys know you can build a 1/8 scale car similar to this for about 1/9 of the price and get a nice model? Just like the Mercedes 300SL the guys are building here. It’s from DeAgostini and available through Probably not as detailed as this Amalgam item but with some modeling skills can be made to look quite good!

    • MLB says:

      Robert, I’ve seen that Big kit/model from DeAgostioni. I considered buying one for a few minutes…until I took a good look at it. It is really not very good, overall poor detail, etc….But it is BIG, and less costly. It looks good from a distance, but not closeup.

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