Amalgam MK1a Spitfire •

Amalgam MK1a Spitfire

Seems the team at Amalgam is trading four wheels for two wings.  The team is set to release a 1:16 scale replica of the MK1a Spitfire.  The model here was flown by Geoffrey Wellum of 92 Squadron in September 1940.  Amalgam claims the “most accurate and intensely detailed” model of the Spitfire.  We tend to agree!  The wingspan alone is just short of 28 inches.  No word on official pricing or release date at this time.

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  1. MLB says:

    Very nice model, but certainly NOT the “most accurate and intensely detailed model of the Spitfire.” The most accurate and detailed Spitfire models were produced by Fine Art Models, and those were mostly metal models, and each was somewhat scratch built.

    • Wolfgang Baum says:

      Hello, Fine Art Models never produced the Spitfire for Sale. To my knowledge, there was only one prototype.I own the other three models Me 109, Corsair, P51 and I would have bought a Spitfire it it was available.

      Looking forward to the Amalgam Model!°

  2. Roberto says:

    Will they release them in different liveries?

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