Amalgam New 1:8 Ferrari 250GTO - 3943GT •

Amalgam New 1:8 Ferrari 250GTO – 3943GT

If you have $12,332US hanging around you might be tempted to introduce the 1:8 scale Ferrari 250GTO / 3943GT by Amalgam.  This beautifully hand-crafted replica has the size, detail and shelf presence, and she’s second to none.  The racing heritage is there too,  1000km Paris, Montlhery (4th OA), 6h Dakar (1st OA), 500km Spa (2nd OA), 1000km Nuerburgring (2nd OA), and 12h Reims (4th OA).  We can all dream big!

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7 Responses to "Amalgam New 1:8 Ferrari 250GTO – 3943GT"

  1. Roger Lodge says:

    Looks like a cheap Bburago from the mid nineties. ;)

  2. chall says:

    I’m surprised a triple Ferrari tax wasn’t in full effect here (more expensive because Ferrari, because red and because historic…).

    The real car does nothing for me, but this looks like a beautiful replica. I’ve always wondered about the long term durability of opening resin models.

    Imagining what the asking prices for these will be on the secondary market in a few years is terrifying.

    • MLB says:

      Not really that new…..Amalgam started producing and offering an assortment of these 1:8 250 GTO models a few years ago. Claiming they were making each GTO that Ferrari had made.

      The models are beautiful, but often not historically accurate, they come close, but never complete – models are researched & made as cars are restored today.

      I have been producing/manufacturing large scale resin models since around 1990, and collecting and selling the same since the early 1980s. The long term durability of resin models with opening panels is great….if the right resins are used, and if the engineering of the models is done correctly. Also never any worries about any diecast metals disintegrtating.

      As far as secondary market prices for these are concerned, well unfortunately, they are difficult to sell, and most of them tank, selling for at least half (50% off) of what they originally sold for. Not every single piece, but the vast majority. This is based on having tracked the past 3 years of auction sales (US, Europe, and UK) as well as private sales/attempts. The GTOs will probably be one of the exceptions, that holds its value, but is NOT expected to go up much or at all in value.

  3. Kitefighter says:

    What a stunning model! Perhaps a contender for the finest sale model car ever. Just let me me get my credit card out – WHAT! HOW MUCH??? *boo boo, not fair…*

  4. MLB says:

    Yes, a stunning model, but certainly not the “finest scale model car ever.” There have been, and are many that are superior to this.

  5. slartibartfast229 says:

    According to Wikipedia (!) the original 1962 price for a GTO in the US was $18.000.
    This 1/8th scale model will set you back 66% of the full size original…..

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