Amalgam New 1:8 Ferrari FXX K •

Amalgam New 1:8 Ferrari FXX K

The team at Amalgam unveils their latest masterpiece – the 1:8 Ferrari FXX K.  I think photos here can speak for themselves.  The detail is off the charts as always, but so is the price.  Enjoy!

About the Ferrari FXX K…  “The FXX K is the latest product of Ferrari’s Corse Clienti division, a limited-run track-only mobile laboratory for the super-rich strata of the company’s customer base that prefers to operate at the bleeding edge of high performance.  This superb Ferrari is modelled precisely and accurately at 1:8 scale and features opening doors, full interior detailing and engine. We have used all our skills and passion to create a hugely detailed model that lives up to the powerful presence of the real car.”

amalgam_fuuk amalgam_fuuk2 amalgam_fuuk3

amalgam_fuuk4 amalgam_fuuk5 amalgam_fuuk6


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