Amalgam New Ford GT40 - Chassis #1017 •

Amalgam New Ford GT40 – Chassis #1017

Amalgam is tempting us with their latest project the 1:5 scale Ford GT40 – Chassis #1017.  The beauty is refined by hand with many hours of dedicated execution.  This is the first model from their new Bristol Series, which caters to “one-offs or very limited edition projects” that will be built at their Bristol workshop.  Pricing has been declared, but we’re sure north of $10,000US.

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3 Responses to "Amalgam New Ford GT40 – Chassis #1017"

  1. Adrian I says:

    I would rather spend 10K con a REAL car!!!!

  2. Vinz says:


    The scale is 1:5, not 1:8 :-)

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