Anyone Need Yellow Ferrari LaFerrari? •

Anyone Need Yellow Ferrari LaFerrari?

BBR is issuing their 1:18 scale Ferrari LaFerrari in metal and full access model with Yellow Modena exterior.  This lovely piece was reviewed in detail back in 2020, and won Model of the Year too.  Read the full review HERE.  Please connect with site sponsors to order your sample today!

Product# BBR182220DIE

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6 Responses to "Anyone Need Yellow Ferrari LaFerrari?"

  1. MRM says:

    I ordered mine this morning. At $314 this is a must-have. At least for me. And it’s not like I’m short on LaFerraris.

  2. Porsche993 says:

    Now after this BBR, do a full access 288 GTO and F355 GTB! The 288 GTO deserves more than what we’ve got from Bburago and Hotwheels. The F355, even though made by UT, Hotwheels and even Kyosho, also needs a proper release. The UT is still very nice but really dated, the HW version is so gaptastic, and Kyosho’s version is peppered with inaccuracies.

    • MRM says:

      Mattel Elite’s 355s leave little to be desired if anything at all. I would much ratter no manufacturer waste resources on making yet another 355. There are so many different Ferraris not made in 1/18 that would be a better choice. 308s, 348s and 355s by Mattel Elite are just as good as their Kyoto counterparts if not better. And considering they are all still pretty much available at reasonable prices, there should be no need for them to be released by any manufacturer. To fill in the gaps in the production maybe release Mondials in Convertible form and 348 Spider and 355GTS. A Mondial T would be nice also. But as far as BBR goes, I would much ratter see them make some of their resin offerings in die cast that have never been made in 1/18 than yet another issue of a model that has been made by every company ever holding a Ferrari license.

  3. Vitaliy D says:

    I have a feeling that BBR jeers at ordinary collectors such as I am :(
    Once again, this model had appeared on the official site last week and has been sold out before I could do anything…—5-points-safety-belt.aspx
    I do want this one, LaFerrari in red with black wheels, black seats and red seatbelts. Why BBR does it in such way that I’m not able to order a desired model?

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