Auto World 1:64 Dodge Caravan & Plymouth Voyager •

Auto World 1:64 Dodge Caravan & Plymouth Voyager

At first glance, we thought this was a joke!  But we’re weeks away from April Fools!!  The intentions here are is genuine Auto World will execute 1:64 scale version Dodge Caravan & Plymouth Voyager.  First images of the 3D printed samples are shared below with the first production pieces to arrive in late 2022.

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5 Responses to "Auto World 1:64 Dodge Caravan & Plymouth Voyager"

  1. JIMMY says:

    1:18 please!! No joke, I’d buy one if it had opening parts.

    On a serious note though, I’m definitely not holding out much hope. Autoworld also has a 1:64 Mitsubishi 3000gt that no one has ever made with opening doors (in 1:18), but it’s also doubtful that anything becomes of it beyond 1:64 :( but then again, I’m also surprised that this is in the Auto World division and not Greenlight, since they are the parent company and it would make more sense as a general theme of the two name brands.

  2. Richard Norcross says:

    I would like to order a 1/64 scale of this van..

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