OttOmobile Classic Rally, Team Lancia Focus •

OttOmobile Classic Rally, Team Lancia Focus

Those into classic rally will appreciate this budget-friendly pairing from OttOmobile featuring the 1:18 Fiat 242 Lancia Team Assistance vehicle and Lancia Delta S4.  The pair is listed for less than 150 Euros, well done!  Both pieces are limited to 2000 pieces each.  Contact OttOmobile or dealer for more information.

About the Lancia Delta S4…  “The Lancia Delta S4 is probably one of the biggest icons in rallying. Alongside the Audi Quattro S1 and the Peugeot 205 T16, it is part of the magic trio of the legendary Group B. Henri Toivonen was promised a bright future and his 1986 season was starting off well. The 29-year-old Finn won the first round of the 1986 World Rally Championship: the iconic Monte Carlo! The Lancia Martini team had to cope with an eventful season, punctuated by many dropouts, a cancellation of its results at San Remo costing them the titles drivers and builders but, above all, the tragic death of Henri Toivonen and his co-pilot Sergio Cresto during the Tour de Corse 1986. An accident that would push the FIA to end Group B and its cars from the end of the 1986 season. Despite his short career, Henri Toivonen is one of the most iconic drivers of the World Rally Championship and the family of ‘Flying Finns’.”

Product# OT910 / OT911

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  1. Giorgio262 says:

    I just wish I bought the Autoart Martini Racing S4 whne I had the chance at 179€+ 10€ for shiipping, not the best signature model, but at least it had good acess to most of its internal bits. Maybe I’ll eventually surrender and by one of these Otto S4. But it will never be as good.

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