Auto World New 1970 Ford Torino 429 Cobra "Twister Special" •

Auto World New 1970 Ford Torino 429 Cobra “Twister Special”

Wow this piece is just stunning!  If you ask us this is what “diecast” and “collecting” is all about.  The detail and execution is simply lovely on Auto World’s latest effort the 1:18, diecast, 1970 Ford Torino 429 Cobra “Twister Special”.  All this at less than $100US.  Take bow Auto World, well done!  Model is expected on shelves October 2017.

About the Ford Torino 429 Cobra “Twister Special”…  “In 1970, the performance car market was on fire with an estimated 800,000 cars sold in 1970 alone! To gain market share, Ford encouraged using regional special promotional vehicles to promote sales and awareness of their performance brand. Some of these regional vehicles include the Lone Star Limited and High Country Special Edition. For Kansas City, it was the Twister Special. Only 90 of the Twister Special 1970 Ford Torino Cobras were made. All of them were painted in Calypso Coral and housed a 429 Cobra Jet motor with ram air. The black side stripes and animated twister graphics are unique to the Twister Special depicting the region of tornado alley.

Product# AMM1112 

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  1. Inquisitor says:

    The engine looks to me like a 351 or possibly a 428. It’s NOT a 429, which had much larger cam covers….

  2. Jeith says:

    Its a 429, But for some reason, AW will not paint the valve covers silver. Ertl Elite Did and you don’t see any of those around. The blue valve covers are cheap looking.

  3. Landon Eskew says:

    Breaking news from – here is the full write-up on the newly discovered 1970 Ford Ranchero Twister Special now belonging to Dustin Harriman and what it means moving forward:

    “The rarest muscle the Midwest was ever to claim was snuffed on a production technicality. This is a true ghost of a car.”

  4. France Clavet says:

    Where I can buy that one ?? I’m very interested…its just look like the real one when it came out from the factory

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