AUTOart LB Performance Aventador - Blue •

AUTOart LB Performance Aventador – Blue

Images of the upcoming 1:18 AUTOart LB Performance Aventador in Blue were released by the team today.  The model is shown in pre-production sample form.  Based on the initial images the execution is very good, and will make an excellent alternative to the higher priced sealed, resin limited editions of the day.  Only failure on AUTOart’s part is the lack of access to storage and motor.  Is it a cost saving or license issue?  It remains a mystery to us as to why!

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6 Responses to "AUTOart LB Performance Aventador – Blue"

  1. George K says:

    It’s cost saving. No license issue with showing the insides. AutoArt showed it’s view of the future when it went downhill with the “composite” manufacturing. It’s all one step closer to just making toys.

  2. amlv20 says:

    so you say its an excellent alternative to the higher priced SEALED resin alternatives,then you go and complain that the front and rear are sealed,lol.

  3. Wayne A. says:

    I want!!!

  4. Alex says:

    George, Autoart went down hill the moment they started there compshit cars. I gave away all my Autart collection. I will not spend my money on plastic

    • George K says:

      Right! When I read AutoArt’s announcement, what, 2 years sgo, regarding their move to “composite” models, I knew it was all over as far as they are concerned. They do surprise with the occasional Signature model, like the Alfa T33, but these pladtic things are just toys. High priced, but toys.

  5. William Keenliside says:

    I like that AUTOart is making Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk cars. If you don’t want to hack up your 200+ dollar model car just to put a resin body kit that may or may not fit on the body and maaaaany other things, then just buy one already painted and with the kit. But… Man, I can’t defend AUTOart on this. The regular standard Aventador model from AUTOart has working doors, trunk and boot included. So, there really is no reason to not seal the boot and the trunk. I can sorta understand having making a new body, after all, there is a Hobby Design kit of the same Liberty Walk kit and that required you to cut off the front bumper. But… It’s just the front bumper. I mean, everything looks fine, this kit is one of my favorite of all of the LB cars. But, having to possibly pay more for this car without a boot, or engine makes things a bit hard to swallow. Does the kit alone really justify a higher price?

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