AUTOart McLaren P1 Volcano Orange Delayed! •

AUTOart McLaren P1 Volcano Orange Delayed!

If you’re waiting for the 1:18 AUTOart McLaren P1 in Volcano Orange the wait just got a little bit longer for us folk in North America.  Seems paint issues have halted production for the initial time being.  Unfortunately for many this was the most anticipated colour for fans of the P1.  Instead of arriving this spring, production of the Volcano Orange P1 has moved to Q4 2017.  Oh no, oh ya!  Hopefully these photos will hold you over until then.

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9 Responses to "AUTOart McLaren P1 Volcano Orange Delayed!"

  1. Lucky13 says:

    I got mine here in US from a US distributor. It arrived just a few short days after it was ordered and it was immaculate.

    • DS Team says:

      Info came from reliable source. So many Canada got in in the A$$.

      How many US customers received their model or even had the opportunity to pre-order? Raise you hand!?!

  2. Mikestroh says:

    I wanted the yellow version instead….did that color ever get released in the states?

    • Veneno says:

      The initial release of the yellow reached north American, but soon after it was sold out. Second batch is due sometime soon, it’s on Aa’s preorder list again.

  3. Veneno says:

    Checked Aa’s site, so it’s back to temporary out of stock status. Don’t know what happened there.

  4. Karsten says:

    Glad, I’ve got mine. Great colour.

  5. Stephane Demers says:

    I pre-ordered one in Canada and the reseller never get some. I contacted Auto Art last week to inquire about the delay with the orange P1 and they sent me an email saying it was discontinued, so we’re screwed. Seems like even the resellers don’t know they will not receive them cuz they are still taking pre-orders. Seriously, AA let us down BIG TIME on that and I will not buy an AA model again. They were once a great company but because of the high prices, the resin, the cutting corners on details (ex the P1 engine) and the fact that they cancelled the color everyone was waiting for, I hate them now.

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