AUTOart Mercedes-AMG GT R - AMG Solarbeam Yellow Metallic •

AUTOart Mercedes-AMG GT R – AMG Solarbeam Yellow Metallic

The colour is AMG Solarbeam Yellow Metallic, the car is the Mercedes-AMG GT R, the manufacturer is AUTOart.  The latest from the team is definitely look sharp in exterior colour AMG Solarbeam Yellow Metallic.  Nice tight shutlines and panel gaps with 360-access are welcomed too.  Note the functional rear spoiler in the rear.  Seems both AUTOart and Almost Real have a decent contender, which one will you purchase?

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10 Responses to "AUTOart Mercedes-AMG GT R – AMG Solarbeam Yellow Metallic"

  1. AndyRazor says:

    Autoart has better lights, Almostreal has better interior

  2. H.G says:

    Almost Real version is better.

  3. Pier Paolo says:

    I think because AR is all die-cast and not composite like AA….
    A lot of people continue to denigrate the composite, when we are submerged by resin blocks without even the revolving wheels.

  4. Jamie says:

    I’m a diehard AA fan and I’m planning to buy the green version when it’s released. The AR version looks nice, but to my eyes the ride height seems a little bit too high. Anyone else think so??

  5. Adrián I says:

    I think both are good models but I’ll take the Green Hell Magno from Aa.

  6. Roberto says:

    I’m feeling the AutoArt version. Hard to nail it down but the realism is better. Also headlights is a huge sticking point for me and AA did a better job. Boy do these model companies struggle with all Mercedes headlights!

  7. Ole Andre says:

    I have just compered the ride height on bouth the AR and the AA, and its the same.
    I already got the Norev GTR and i am thinking of bying the AR in silver because the interior is better i think then the AA. And yes the head lights are a little better on the AA
    But i think the interior is much better on the AR and that means more to me

  8. Karsten says:

    I have pre-ordered the Almost Real one after last years contrast between S-Classes from both competitors.

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