AUTOart Mercedes Maybach S 600 Pullman - Gold •

AUTOart Mercedes Maybach S 600 Pullman – Gold

On the heels of the Dark Red Metallic release the team at AUTOart is giving fans a first look at the upcoming Golf exterior of the new Mercedes Maybach S 600 Pullman.  The two-tone Gold/Black interior is up to the task too.  Lot’s of a model here, this one won’t come cheap.  The release date is late Q2 2018.

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5 Responses to "AUTOart Mercedes Maybach S 600 Pullman – Gold"

  1. Roberto says:

    Darn, this one looks good. I had been able to resist this model so far….

  2. Atalante says:

    Looks like a dachshund, the saussage dog LOL

  3. RR says:

    Is it me or does it look like Autoart stepped it up on the Pullman? I debated the regular s600 but was able to put it off until almost real put theirs out as the interior looked better. But this one looks better than the regular version to me detail wise. Struts and interior wise at least

  4. Sac says:

    Ohh…if only it were in diecast !!

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