AUTOart Mercedes Maybach S-Klasse S600 SWB - Black •

AUTOart Mercedes Maybach S-Klasse S600 SWB – Black

AUTOart is showing off the third and final scheduled colour, some will say it is most likely the most anticipated colour combination of the bunch.  The car in question is the 1:18 Mercedes Maybach S-Klasse S600 SWB in Black exterior with two-tone Black/Beige interior, very classy.  The Maybach S-Klasse S600 comes from AUTOart’s composite series, which is due sometime is Q1 2017.  Read our review from November HERE.

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4 Responses to "AUTOart Mercedes Maybach S-Klasse S600 SWB – Black"

  1. JS Coleman says:

    Still just plastic.

  2. GRKSTYL says:

    This is a model that I was on the fence with. In the past I would have pulled the trigger and added it to the collection however the composite material is enough to make me protest with my wallet. I will not be buying this model. Autoart may have my exotics hostage and leave me no alternative however any additional “on the fence purchases” will not be made by me! Hopefully the decrease in revenue will be enough for Autoart to lose some of their licenses to other manufacturers that care more about their customers than their bottom line. (I will get off my soap box now.)

  3. Guaracy says:

    Oops, this is not his final scheduled colour, now we have a “champagne gold” colour option with orange interior. But no doubt the black version is the best one!

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