AUTOart New Liberty Walk LB-Works Lamborghini Aventador •

AUTOart New Liberty Walk LB-Works Lamborghini Aventador

AUTOart is showing off a new colour for their tuner series of Lamborghinis, the latest is the 1:18 Liberty Walk LB-Works Lamborghini Aventador in White with Black wheels and interior.  The car is based off the 2015 platform and feature low stance, body-kit and decal work.   Access to the interior is permitted, but shame on the team for not going that extra mile with access to storage and motor areas.  Street date is scheduled for October 2018

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3 Responses to "AUTOart New Liberty Walk LB-Works Lamborghini Aventador"

  1. Anthony White says:

    If anyone could help me out with this….which Liberty Walk Lamborghini Adventador is
    Better and why? Kyosho LB Lamborghini or Autoart LB Lamborghini

    • DS Team says:

      Off the top, the vote goes for Autoart. The primary reason it at least has opening doors, the Kyosho is 100% sealed. As for which one is the most accurate we’ll leave that up for the authorities on the topic.

      • Anthony White says:

        When I looked on eBay the both cost about the same…I’ll get the Autoart first then the maybe the Kyosho

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