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AUTOart New Painted Samples

News from the AUTOart camp brings forwards new images of the pre-production sample images of their Lamborghini Urus and McLaren 570GT.  The Urus is coming along nicely.  We like the full 360-access, however, something is just off with the wheel.  We think they need to be slightly larger and finish investigated too.   As for the 570GT, Silver is definitely a safe but boring colour, though we do like the side swing rear glass and lower access panel. Well done!  We have the complete list of scheduled colours to arrive for each, see below.

79161 – Composite Die-Cast Lamborghini Urus, Bianco Icarus/Metallic White
79162 – Composite Die-Cast Lamborghini Urus, Blu Elios/Metallic Blue
79163 – Composite Die-Cast Lamborghini Urus, Giallo Auge/Solid Yellow
79164 – Composite Die-Cast Lamborghini Urus, Grigio Lynx/Metallic Grey

76051 – Composite Die-Cast McLaren 570GT, Ice Silver
76052 – Composite Die-Cast McLaren 570GT, Onyx Black
76053 – Composite Die-Cast McLaren 570GT, Pacific Blue
76054 – Composite Die-Cast McLaren 570GT, Vermillion Red

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6 Responses to "AUTOart New Painted Samples"

  1. John says:

    I wish they were making those Urus in 1/12 scale.

  2. spikyone says:

    One small problem with that McLaren. The rear hatch opens on the wrong side. On the real car, the hinges are on the driver’s side so you can access it without standing in the road when it’s parked. On a LHD car, the hatch should have its hinges on the left.

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