AutoCult December Releases •

AutoCult December Releases

AutoCult is capping the year with four more releases.  As well as four new models the team will issue a “Book of the Year 2019”, which features photos and in-depth articles from autos released throughout 2019.  As for models, new are Ferrari 312 T8, PZinz 403 Lux-Sport, Clark Cortez Astronaut Van “Apollo 11” and De Soto Firesweep Memphian Ambulance.  Each exceptionally executed, each crafted in 1:43 scale.

Product# 99119 / 06036 / 10006 / 12010 / 99019

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  1. Craigj3534 says:

    Wish that PZinz 403 Lux-Sport came in 1:18!

    Funny that they’re making a model of a car that didn’t exist, not even in prototype form, and one that doesn’t match the original picture of it, i.e., no double air scoops. Whatever. Just don’t waste effort in making it in 1:18, please.

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