AutoCult Models | Avenue43 New January Releases! •

AutoCult Models | Avenue43 New January Releases!

We have five new models to present, three from AutoCult Models and two from sister brand Avenue43.  The feature finds the unique 1953 Aerocar Cordoba.  More on the car below.  AutoCult also presents the 1954 Auto Union DKW Michaux Spider and 1977 Bianco S, just gorgeous!  Two from Avenue43 include Rolls Royce Silver Dawn Ghia and AMC AMX/3.  What a great haul!

About the Aerocar Cordoba…  “The desire to combine a turbine with the power of a conventional combustion engine bothered the minds of several engineers in automotive history.  The spell of such a combination spread all around the world and in the first half of the 1950s also the Argentines Eugenio Grosovich and Gianfranco Bricci from the city Cordoba addressed themselves to the task. They went for a passenger car of the brand Justicialista to realize the image of their turbine-driven vehicle, named Aerocar. The chassis without the engine served as a substructure, the baroque body was removed as it did not fit the concept of both technicians. Without further ado, they designed their own car body according to aerodynamical aspects. The rear of the new car body, most probably a fibreglass construction, was home to a V6 four-stroke engine of Chevrolet with an output of 90 hp. The former aircraft propeller had an impressive diameter of 1.75 meters. But it was not the potentially life-threatening consequences of a propeller hit that truly caused a stir in the streets of Buenos Aires, but rather the strong wind caused by the rotation of the propeller. During the presentation drive countless men, women and children lined the streets to see the new-fashioned vehicle in action. Consequences of the caused wind were flying hats and unintentionally lifted skirts. This funny, as well as a slightly awkward situation, was the only thing that made a lasting impression on the spectators of the presentation drive.”

Product# 02021 / 04024 / 05031 / 60036 / 60043

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  1. Craigj3534 says:

    Could you please remember to list the scale; as AutoCult offers both 1:18 and 1:43 scales. Or are we to assume everything is 1:43 unless otherwise stated? Please clarify – thanks! I’d love to have the Aerocar if it’s in 1:18.

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