AutoCult Models Exclusive Karmann Ghia Prototype •

AutoCult Models Exclusive Karmann Ghia Prototype

AutoCult will be releasing an exclusive and limited edition of 333 piece count 1:43 Karmann Ghia Prototype.  Model is crafted in typical AutoCult fashion; high detail, resin and sealed exterior.  If interested please contact AutoCult models for more information.

About the Karmann Ghia Prototype…  “In order to realize the ideas of his dream for a sporty VW based on the Polizia beetle, the osnabrück Wilhelm Karmann commissioned the designer Luigi Segre in 1953, who was at this time, in the office of the Italian company carrozzeria Ghia spa. With a professional hand, he drew a harmonious sporty copué form with Italian charm on the chassis of the Wolfsburg polizia.  Wilhelm Karmann was so thrilled by the design that he immediately put a prototype on the wheels. For a production in series, the osnabrück company patriarch would also need the approval of the VW management, because it should be used to use the base of the VW-Beetle. As VW Director-General Heinrich North was also enthusiastic about the presentation of the prototype in November 1953, a collaboration between the Karmann factory and VW was nothing more. The first design was only minimally revised, so the differences were only recognizable by the lack of front cooling air, the bigger grilles in the hood and other taillights. His world premiere in front of the press had the sporty car in July 1955 and the public got the coupé at the IAA in September for the first time.  The Ghia produced at the Karmann company went as a type 14 from 1955 as a coupé in series and was produced over 360.000 times, with numerous changes, until 31. July 1974 At the beginning of the production, the car cost 7.500 DM and was powered by the 30 hp strong engine from the VW beetle.”

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