AutoCult Models January Releases •

AutoCult Models January Releases

This brand is one of the finalists for Model of the Year, though they aren’t getting much love.  We love, as they continue to bring forward awesome specimens into this great hobby.  The brand is AutoCult, the latest is 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville Raymond Loewy, the 1971 FNM Alfa Romeo Furia GT and finally the feature the German-built 1939 Horch 930 S Stromlinie.

About the Horch 930 S Stromlinie…  “Horch – a well-known name in the German automotive industry – established its name most of all with the production of luxury passenger cars for the upper class. In the second half of the 1930s, the Horch’ luxury cars were initially powered by a 3.5-litre V8 engine, before the engine displacement was enlarged to 3.8-litres in 1937. With a performance of 92 hp and fitted with an extra gear – the overdrive – these cars allowed their owners to cruise the back-then newly built German autobahn with a fast-paced average speed.

In 1938 probably also the management of Horch realized that it was about time to have a focus on the topic streamline. They planned to replace their type 930 V by a completely new version – the type 930 S. The letter “S” stood for streamline and should express, that the classic car design with separately flared fenders, an upright radiator grille, an external spare wheel and external headlights were a thing of the past. Besides meeting the back-then zeitgeist, the optical adjustments and the streamline design had another important effect – higher top speed and simultaneous reduction of the fuel consumption. In Berlin, at the International Motor Show Germany, the streamlined Horch was initially presented to the public in 1939. Especially the built-in sink, the special seats with integrated sleeping function and the built-in car radio were the main topics of conversations of this luxury car.”

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