BBR Diecast Ferrari LaFerrari - Metallic Red (UPDATE) •

BBR Diecast Ferrari LaFerrari – Metallic Red (UPDATE)

**  UPDATE **  Just caught wind of new colours for the BBR 1:18 Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO 2020.  New colours include Rosso Fuoco, Rosso Corsa 322 and Giallo Modena.  Quantities are limited on all three.

Fans of the 1:18, diecast metal and full access Ferrari LaFerrari will have a new option in exterior colour.  BBR is offering a limited edition in Metallic Red with Black wheels.  Our notes state production is limited to 500 pieces, which is quite substantial based on typical BBR production runs.  On a side note, their 1:43 series will include a new F1 car from Ferrari, here is the Ferrari SF1000 G.P. Tuscany Mugello, a limited edition of 650 pieces.

Product# BBRC245A / P18186H / P18186E / P18186C

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25 Responses to "BBR Diecast Ferrari LaFerrari – Metallic Red (UPDATE)"

  1. Karsten says:

    Can anyone make out whether the LaFerrari now has the carbon fibre on the front splitter and rear bumper as I suspected in the review of our DMOT for upcoming releases? If not for a limited edition production run like this, they´ll probably never do it.

    • ATEOTD says:

      I can’t quite tell from these photos. I bought the white one a couple months ago, and it does have the carbon bits.

  2. Pi Liu says:

    Laferrari has more than 10 colors in the future, some of which belong to Almsot Real’s own sales, and some belong to BBR. These products are very bad.

  3. Paolo says:

    BBR’s reputation has been destroyed by Almost Real.

    I used to buy five enzos and two f430s, but now I won’t buy any new BBR products.

  4. Karsten says:

    Aaaw, here we go again, the same people repeating the same accusations of how “bad” BBR is and how “Almost Real ruin BBR’s reputation”, same wording too. Honestly? AR taking over Kyosho and AA would mean definite improvement for the hobby, not ruin. BBR have deservedly won our Model of the Year award, with a majority of people having seen the pictures, read the review, bought the model and happily keeping it in their collection. Where are all those cheap BBR models unhappy buyers allegedly sell on Ebay? So stop moaning!!!

    • DS Team says:

      Beating a dead horse it seems.

      Our website was established to keep manufacturers honest and educate the new. As stated if the model was horrible or not to standards would it have received the votes? We don’t think so. In the end, all are entitled to their opinions, but to keep pointing out the baseless negative comments in concert is tiring. Submit your reviews and back up your claims.

  5. Vitaliy D says:

    Personally I am interesed in more color combinations for 1:18 die-cast LaFerrari! This one with black rims looks pretty nice and I would definitely buy it with one small addition: with carbon textures similar to what we see on 1:43 resin models by BBR.

    Now that I have 1:18 BBR/AlmostReal LaFerrari (red body, silver rims) and 1:18 LCD Models McLaren 600 LT (white body, black rims), I can compare these two models. LCD Models did excellent job, especially on carbon fiber and the interior of the McLaren. Great model, much more interesting than today’s 1:18 AutoArt. When this model stays next to the BBR/AlmostReal 1:18 LaFerrari, while the 1:18 McLaren looks great, the 1:18 LaFerrari looks epic with all of its grilles, meshs and attention to small details. Well, the 1:18 LaFerrari has a double price of the 1:18 McLaren, so we may say it is about 1.5 times overpriced (but hey, then we must say that all and every today’s 1:18 AutoArt model is overpriced!!!), but the question of price alone does not make this model bad!

    • DS Team says:

      Well said. There are differences between the BBR LaFerrari and LCD Models examples. One that was not mentioned is the operation of the doors and rear hatch, the BBR is extremely precise, more authentic. These some details seem to impress or more than some but they cannot be discounted.

  6. Thomas says:

    As far as I know, BBR may have given up the cooperation with Almst Real, because I heard that the products produced by Almst Real factory did not meet the requirements of BBR. At present, I do not know which new factory cooperated with BBR.

    This is good news for many consumers!

  7. Thomas says:

    Almost Real encountered difficulties in the production of Enzo, because enzo is very complex, Almost Real does not have the strength for the time being.

    Time will tell. When Enzo comes out on the market, you will know whether I lied or not.

    I’m very angry at your remarks!

    • Karsten says:

      Good, so you get a taste of how irritating unproven and unfounded allegations are. Prove what you´re saying and reveal your sources give your allegations some authority and you´ll be given appreciation of what you´re saying. If BBR become yet again better than winning diecast model of the year here,noone will object to that. But to insinuate that Almost Real was “bad” and not up to the job is unfounded. The BBR LaFerrari (produced by whomever!) is excellent – period.
      Let´s wait and see how AR´s Huayra Roadster will compare to AUTOart and LCD. That´ll be something to clearly put your finger on, founded, proven.

  8. Weiwei Wang says:

    What Kevin said was ironic!

    • Karsten says:

      Well, I guess that´s what happens when an international audience has to gather the little sense that the cryptic results of Google translator creates when trying to understand your hieroglyphs.
      Anyway, outside China nobody seems to have any of the issues you lot keep complaining about (everytime AR is mentioned, the anti-AR-coalition will descend on whatever the post was about originally to beat the dead horse). So it´s a purely Chinese market problem that may have to do with your national standards of customers´rights: Here in the EU I have the right to return any product within 14 days without giving reasons, no questions asked, and get a full refund . That helps to ensure the highest standards of QC and customer satisfaction. If China does not have these legal standards, it explains why all the models disqualified by AR´s QC go to the Chinese market instead of being scrapped. Some clever trader will buy them from AR and sell them in the Chinese market, while AR exports the quality that we in the rest of the world have come to appreciate.
      Bottomline: AR makes HQ products, high QC standards are only required for export, though. Good for us, bad for you. (Same pattern with many products outside the hobby!) But complaining HERE really is the wrong address to change that. Or does anyone outside China have any issues?

  9. Wen Li says:

    Kevin said he returned the product.

    It’s easy for people who don’t understand Chinese to misunderstand these contents. Let me translate them briefly. Kevin is very disappointed with AR products. AR products have many problems

  10. Mike M Wiseman says:

    Back to the original question…lol. yes the splitter has carbon fiber. And the entire roof is done in carbon fiber

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