GMP 1970 Chevrolet Nova - Street Fighter Destroyer •

GMP 1970 Chevrolet Nova – Street Fighter Destroyer

A cool-looking 1970 Nova is upcoming from the GMP camp.  The last time we saw a Nove release was August 2020.  This Dark Grey exterior is mated to diecast metal panels with a nicely detailed motor and interior via 360 full access example.  Look for this one later this year.  Production will be limited to less than 1000 pieces.

Product# GMP-18957

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6 Responses to "GMP 1970 Chevrolet Nova – Street Fighter Destroyer"

  1. Mucha says:

    …only street fighters and street fighters..different wheels, some cosmetic changes, different color and here we go…next 140-160 dollars, it’s shame, there
    is so many cars from these years…no one do anything, you use only
    the same body dicesat , change wheels and we’got
    next limited model price about 150 dollars, shame for diecast
    world…sorry for my english but that is true !

    • DS Team says:

      It is truly frustrating that nothing new comes through the pipeline. But you cannot fault them for releases additional colours with resto-models that appeal to current and new collectors.

  2. Mike M Wiseman says:

    The original GMP nova models were not 360 access. Only the hood moved to allow visibility of the engine. This model appears to be no different

  3. Giorgio262 says:

    I have nothing against reissuing existing models when they’re nice quality, and some of their Street Fighter series models are pretty good looking. What I dislike is low quality wheels, brakes, calipers on some of these models. This is no different. What are those brake disks with no calipers? on a 150-ish model? No thanks. I still remember their Shelby mustang 350GT in street fighter guise. Apart from rather questionable wheels, it had brake calipers and brake disks moulded in a single piece, and the disks rotated with the wheels, meaning the calipers would rotate too. Unacceptable, for me at least.

    • Stephane Demers says:

      Looks like every new street fighter has spinning calipers… The Firebird is no exception to this too. Also, you can buy a $20 Maisto at Costco with fixed calipers 🤦🤦🤦

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