BBR Expands Colour Assortment Diecast Ferrari FXXK-EVO (UPDATE) •

BBR Expands Colour Assortment Diecast Ferrari FXXK-EVO (UPDATE)

** UPDATE ** We’ve added two more variants to the list – #18 Red Corsa 322 and Gloss Black.  Photos and details below!

We know many only consider Ferraris that are painted Red.  Those awaiting the official diecast metal version of the Ferrari FXXK-EVO in Red or Rosso Corsa 322 can now breath a little easier.  BBR has announced a trio of Red replicas with and without decals and one additional colour, Blue Tour De France.  We provided the complete listing below.

BBR182281 – Ferrari FXXK-EVO, Rosso Corsa 322
BBR182281DIE – Ferrari FXXK-EVO, ROSSO CORSA 322
BBR182277DIE – Ferrari FXXK-EVO, ROSSO CORSA 322
BBR182284 – Ferrari FXXK-EVO, Blue Tour De France
BBR182284ST – Ferrari FXXK-EVO, Blue Tour De France
BBR182285 – Ferrari FXXK-EVO #18, Red Corsa 322
BBR182285DIE – Ferrari FXXK-EVO #18, Red Corsa 322
BBR182282 – Ferrari FXXK-EVO, Gloss Black
BBR182282DIE – Ferrari FXXK-EVO, Gloss Black

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10 Responses to "BBR Expands Colour Assortment Diecast Ferrari FXXK-EVO (UPDATE)"

  1. Atalante says:

    That car looks sooo much better in blue …

  2. Vitaliy D says:

    And it looks surprisingly interesting in pure red without inscriptions!
    Though my heart is taken by LaFerrari!

  3. ss19 says:

    Their high-end price tag, it will look strange next to the Almost Real. The BBR is not doing anything particularly outstanding at this stage.

    • Forces says:

      I agree with you very much. The products manufactured by Almost real for BBR are very disappointing!

    • DS Team says:

      The product here is better than the gap missed by the departing Hot Wheels Elite line. There are some serious Ferrari collectors, a few on our team that want detailed Ferrari models that provide 360 access, this line fits the bill. Remember it is 2020, the days of $100 fully detailed models are history.

      • Zero I says:

        Since Almost real helped BBR OEM, BBR’s products are far inferior to the previous products, that is to say, the quality and details of f12tdf and fxxk produced from Almost real have declined seriously, and the price is still very expensive

      • ss19 says:

        I remember it very well. I also remember what models they made 10 years ago, it was the level of CMC, no less. Then I was ready to pay for it.

  4. Michael D says:

    I agree with Vitaliy, the red (plain paint) one is super nice –
    Last year I pre-ordered the white one. Hmmmm? I wonder if BBR would transfer my deposit to the red one instead?

    Also the new LaFerrari is so tempting as well. Especially an open version.

    • Benz says:

      I pre-ordered the white FXXK evo too & I did enquire with BBR some time back whether it’s possible to transfer the deposit to a different coloured evo. I can’t recall exactly what their answer was but it’s possible subject to certain conditions. Have to dig up the email. Also, I’m not sure whether the free BBR umbrella will be included too

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