BBR Ferrari 812 Competizione! •

BBR Ferrari 812 Competizione!

Nice to see BBR already hard at work at their version of the newly announced Ferrari 812 Competizione!  These early R&D photos provide a glimpse at the actual process…  Our wish list is to see both resin and diecast example put forward, diecast meaning full 360 access too.  No official word from BBR on release or colour, we’ll provide more as news is revealed.

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4 Responses to "BBR Ferrari 812 Competizione!"

  1. Mike M Wiseman says:

    Yes.. diecast would be absolutely awesome. BBR’s diecast releases are very few and far between. Just constant colour variations on the same ol’ same ol’…. I love the curvy, muscular design of the 12 cylinder front engine Ferrari. ( I know, it’s technically still considered mid-engine). It’s even better with the return of the dual circular taillight design. A full access version would make my day

    • DS Team says:

      ” Just constant colour variations on the same ol’ same ol’….”

      LOL, same as their resin line, though more seem to find its way to market than metal. You can’t beat 360 full access!

    • SamtheCat says:

      The regular 812 Superfast already had the quad circular tailights, same as the other Ferrari in the lineup and previous cars with the exception of the Monza and the SF90

      • Mike Wiseman says:

        I’m referring to the F12 Berlinetta, which is where the 812 body style originated. Ferrari went away from the dual taillight for a good period. The 458, 488, the Enzo, Laferrari and the F12 were all single round taillight style..

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