BBR New Bentley Continental GT V8 S / Coupe & Convertible •

BBR New Bentley Continental GT V8 S / Coupe & Convertible


BBR is back with a new release from the Bentley marque, the 1:18 Bentley Continental GT V8 S will be made available later this year.  Four colours will be offered, Monaco Yellow as featured, Midnight Emerald, Dark Grey Satin, and Sunrice.  Each will be offered in a premium version with display case.  Pricing starts at 283.50 Euro.  Contact BBR for more information.

About the Bentley Continental GT V8 S…  “True spontaneity is a luxury few enjoy. The Bentley Continental GT was conceived, designed and built for those who do – that rare breed of people who refuse to let a single experience pass them by.  The new Continental GT sees its most significant upgrade for half a decade. It introduces a re-styled cabin and bodywork as well as refinements to driver and passenger comfort that takes the world’s most stylish grand tourer to unparalleled new heights.”

bbr_p1886b bbr_p1886b2 bbr_p1886b3

bbr_p1886b4 bbr_p1886a bbr_p1886a2

bbr_p1886d bbr_p1886d2 bbr_p1886c

bbr_p1886c2 bbr_p1887a bbr_p1887a2

bbr_p1887b bbr_p1887b2 bbr_p1887c

bbr_p1887c2 bbr_p1887d bbr_p1887d2

Product# P1886A / P1886AV / P1886B / P1886BV / P1886C / P1886CV / P1886D / P1886DV / P1887A / P1887AV / P1887B / P1887BV / P1887C / P1887CV / P1887D / P1887DV

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2 Responses to "BBR New Bentley Continental GT V8 S / Coupe & Convertible"

  1. Martin Bloom says:

    I really don’t get it that BBR offeres this now as well. Yes it’s a bit more detailed than the GT-Spirit model, but you pay three/four times their price…

  2. Rolf says:

    Did anybody pay attention on the side review mirrors?

    300 $, really?

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